Thursday, 29 November 2007


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I had to dig deep for that one, in every sense, it was a very special, moving and private moment.
Sometimes a unique and special moment presents itself in your life, it stays with you forever!
Once again it shows how important emotion is in an image... if you can capture it?
Wherever I upload this photo or show this to anyone, people respond to it in an overwhelmed and touched way, it leaves nobody untouched.

We had a photo gallery and it was just before Christmas.
I was doing the window dressing and had decided, since Christmas is greatly connected with children to use that as a theme.
I bought one of the electrical Santas holding a candle, moving his head, with a very kind and jolly face, totally new then, a huge success, kids kept dragging their parents to see it.
It was in the morning, cold and driftsnow flying, nobody in the streets yet, although the angels were already singing the carols over the tannoys.
Santa was doing his thing, I was giving the framed images a last wipe, when I heard a gentle thump and I looked up to see this sweet tender moment.
This elderly gent stood there, looking with the joy of a child in his eyes.
I grabbed my camera, I saw I had one shot on a 400 asa left to take this one off image, I also did not know how long he was going to brave the elements, turned out he gazed for quite some time.


Always keep the child in a small corner of your heart, never let go of that wonderful feeling...

May your day be full of goodness, Magda (*_*)

Sunday, 18 November 2007


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4
photo 5
Like so many of my fellow photographers, I KNOW why I am behind the lens and not in front of it, tee hee, lol!
It is not a bad thing, it helps me in understanding clients who feel the same, I can empathize with them, they soon feel more at ease!
However, what if you have an idea, you want to try out something, a new lighting experiment, or even, you are by yourself on a beach, you see a scene... no MODEL!!! What do you do????????
Then you have 2 choices... no image... or you, yourself have to be the model! That's why I acquired so many 'self portraits', but I've learned a lot through it... I still don't like it... but it was worth it!

Photo 1. sometimes you have to be 'you own model'. if you want the image!
A shell or a piece of stone, a small mark in the sand, camera on tripod... result, tee hee.

Photo 2. One of my favourite places to stand and stare...
I took the shot using the D70's remote control to trigger the self timer. I placed a stone in the sand near the water's edge. Composed the shot and prefocused on the spot, I then set the self timer on my camera for a 20 second delay, which gave me just enough time to trigger the camera and run down and stand on the spot I had marked. It took me a couple of takes, you can see the prints where I was too much to the right!

Photo 3. IN CAMERA.
I'd set up the lights, my Hasselblad on a tripod, the Nikon F4 with 24mm lens, on another tripod looking onto the mat glass of the Blad. You still with me? hihi.. Marked everything on the floor, where I had to stand exactly, cable release in my hand or under my foot(pump). Not for the fainthearted hihi.
Needless to say I ended up with a whole series of pics, it was fun.

Photo 4. Another lighting exercise in the studio.
This is b/w Polaroid which gives you not just the instant image but also a 4x5 negative.

This image is part of an ongoing photo book project on ‘soul mirrors.’

I always prefer natural light, but studio light has its advantages, anytime, anywhere…
This was taken late at night, I had already tried quite a few different set-ups, wanted something different, this IS the one.

Camera used: Techn Cam 4x5
Lens used: Rodenstock 180
Film used: Polaroid 55 pro neg. 4x5

The frame is natural, from the torn-off Polaroid paper.

Photo 5. I brought in the garden lights ( 8 plastic tubes with LED lights inside), decided to have some fun with them in the studio again. Here I'm using 2 tubes, I tried different techniques with the studiolights, to freeze me=washed out the lights too much.
So, the old joke was always that photographers do it in the dark! Here's PROOF!
Thanx ! M, (*_*)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

VALSE LENTE in black and white

Photo nr1

Photo nr2

Photo nr3

I love colour photography because I see the world in colour…

I love black and white photography, because it strips the ‘reality’ out of the image, it leaves the naked truth, without the frills and ‘distraction’ of colours, just tones that add to the emotion, the all important ingredient, for me, in photography.


(photo nr1)

The slow waltz, gentle, easy gliding across the dance floor.

Every Monday afternoon there is a ‘dance’ meeting at one of the old halls.
The ladies and gents duly arrive on time to have a great time, all done up and ready for a good time.
The music begins soon after the greetings and laughter.
The dance floor fills up very quickly, I notice a lot of ladies partnering up, there are not enough men for all of them, a few sitting on the side, I smile, nothing ever changes, some guys remain shy forever or only know one dance….
It’s a great atmosphere; I talk to them, hear what this means to them, the joy, the banter and yes, sometimes love is in the air.
Again, nothing ever changes…
Then the music starts, a couple walk hand in hand to the middle, take the stance, their dance begins, nobody else, the rest just watch.


(photo nr2)

I went there for a project, they love being photographed, well, most of them.
This lady wore her comfortable dancing shoes, but the moment she spotted my lens going to her feet, she stopped me, no no, wait...
Out of the bag came the 'newer' ones, they had not been properly broken in, yet.
With delicate gestures she closed the strap across her ankle, while her gentleman friend sat patiently waiting for the next dance.
A genteel world that is fast disappearing.

I seem to go in HCB (Henri Cartier-Bresson) mode when I'm in those places...
I chose the grainy film Ilford HP5 especially for this.


(photo nr3)

This lady, one of the first to arrive at the dance hall, was well liked and cherished.
She was obviously just there to see and enjoy her friends dancing.
I had already taken several shots, and sat down on the side to absorb the whole atmosphere; when out of the corner of my eye I saw movement.
The one foot was moving with the tune, the stick tapping the beat, the rest of her body still, her face ecstatic.
I wondered where she was in her memories, for a moment I saw the young girl emerging, a youthfulness in her shining eyes.
The music stopped, applause, her shoulders sagged a bit; she leant a bit more heavily on her stick.
Valse Lente too.

Wishing you all a great day and thanx for viewing, M, (*_*)

400 iso b/w film, wet darkroom developed and printed.