Sunday, 16 February 2014


Social media, like Facebook, Google+,Twitter,LinkedIn,YouTube, 500px, Flickr and so many more were all made to share info, stories and photos, connect people. I am convinced that the people who created these sites had a wonderful picture in their mind, of nothing but good things? However, the human condition is different, you will always, sadly have the rotten apples who look for the seedier side of things. New words were used, TROLL, Cyber bullying... we are now familiar with them? I have been Cyber bullied, and being of a sensitive nature, I can assure you, it is easy to say: never mind... the reality is that it hurts, no matter how rational you are about it, not nice!

This time on Google+ I got a message from a lady, linking to someone who had stolen one of my photos. A BEAUTIFUL ROSE, he had changed the comp, and no credits were attributed. I only wrote that it was NOT on. He went into a rage, calling the lady and me two stupid fat jerks etc... put our profiles up on his stream with ALL the unnecessary insults. He has a lot of followers and they slagged us off without, by then, knowing what it was about. It was clear he wanted a mudslinging match... and I was not prepared to give him that? No reaction from me, reported it ALL to Google... it took them 2 days, some of it is was removed. I waited to block him because I wanted to know what was going on?
Then he posted nasty and abusive texts on my images, I deleted it, he was furious. More foul language and abuse.
I find that people like that man,[by what I saw of his 'shares', a bit of a pervert, a misogynist (with a BIG complex of strong women and a small penis? LOL)],should NOT BE TOLERATED, and hey, this story has a GOOD end: this time Mr X messed with the wrong people! He is GONE... COMPLETELY removed from Google, really GONE! Justice is done, the two 'stupid fat jerks/freaks with lame brains' WON!!!

These can be great places, I've made friends and contacts through them.
Let's be kind and remain civilised, it means 'PEACE' on our level, not a bad start?
Have a great day and thank you, M, (*_*)