Monday, 25 February 2013


A bouquet of flowers, to thank all who wrote in yesterday, for your feed-back. I am not 'the Oracle of Delphi' lol. I only wrote my personal opinion on the matter, because of what had happened to me too many times. I can take a lot, well I HAVE taken a lot. but I do have my limits. And I feel I can say things because I have earned my stripes, put in the years, made the mistakes, and I am still learning EVERY DAY. I am ALWAYS humbled when an image of mine gets chosen, out of the millions, I NEVER want to get used to it! But it feeeeeeeeeeeels good!

I got one very interesting reply:
"Hi Magda

I spent a lot of time last night thinking about what you said and about how you felt about my glib response and the message hit home that it is important to take your work seriously. You sacrifice time, money and energy for something you love with the ultimate hope of creating something beautiful and memorable. I spent some time ths morning reading your blog and viewing your work as a professional photographer as again the words 'precision and passion ' jumped to mind."

I ALSO had time to think, and here goes, Paul and I gave workshops, so people 'payed' for our opinion, our input, our vast personal experience and knowledge... and they were happy and grateful, feeling enriched and encouraged. HHHHHHMMMMM, strange when something is FREE that it is NOT so appreciated? So, lovely people, if you want a proper critique... I'm afraid from now on... you will have to pay for it!!! HAHA, take care, M, (*_*) 
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Sunday, 24 February 2013


On MANY photo upload sites there seems to be a movement of people who are stating: "I am tired of just getting comments like: great, awesome, excellent etc ..."
They say THEY WANT A PROPER CRIT???????? OOOHH NO THEY DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll give you the example! I resisted for a long time, but this time it seemed genuine. So I put the time in and wrote on one image, that was in a group. On the one, that the horizon was skew and that is a big NO-NO in photography and that the sky was full of dust bunnies (BTW both VERY easy to 'correct' in PS), the photographer of the photo agreed however, I got ticked off by another one who thought the photo was AWESOME....
First thing I saw in the second one was that the photo was uploaded skew, then the subject, it was softened to death, had lost ALL its beautiful detail. It looked plastified... I gently asked why? And wrote that it had lost ALL its beautiful detail. The reply: I KIND OF LIKE IT! That is a communication stopper, if ever there was one? 
Then you MUST ALWAYS upload what you 'LIKE', and not give a shit about what anyone is trying to help you with, also STOP whining then about how you want to learn (buy a book or go on a course) and about the comments isn't that what you want? Well, some 'not so good photogs' are now giving critiques... the blind leading the blind! Good luck!
If you are NOT prepared to put in the care and love an image deserves, as does the viewer, why bother at all?
I am not going to waste my precious time any more and for ALL out there: if you want enemies: just give them the truth, LOL!

Thanks, Magda, (*_*)

PS: Agencies and Art sellers DO NOT WANT images that aren't perfectly cared for!