Sunday, 16 February 2014


Social media, like Facebook, Google+,Twitter,LinkedIn,YouTube, 500px, Flickr and so many more were all made to share info, stories and photos, connect people. I am convinced that the people who created these sites had a wonderful picture in their mind, of nothing but good things? However, the human condition is different, you will always, sadly have the rotten apples who look for the seedier side of things. New words were used, TROLL, Cyber bullying... we are now familiar with them? I have been Cyber bullied, and being of a sensitive nature, I can assure you, it is easy to say: never mind... the reality is that it hurts, no matter how rational you are about it, not nice!

This time on Google+ I got a message from a lady, linking to someone who had stolen one of my photos. A BEAUTIFUL ROSE, he had changed the comp, and no credits were attributed. I only wrote that it was NOT on. He went into a rage, calling the lady and me two stupid fat jerks etc... put our profiles up on his stream with ALL the unnecessary insults. He has a lot of followers and they slagged us off without, by then, knowing what it was about. It was clear he wanted a mudslinging match... and I was not prepared to give him that? No reaction from me, reported it ALL to Google... it took them 2 days, some of it is was removed. I waited to block him because I wanted to know what was going on?
Then he posted nasty and abusive texts on my images, I deleted it, he was furious. More foul language and abuse.
I find that people like that man,[by what I saw of his 'shares', a bit of a pervert, a misogynist (with a BIG complex of strong women and a small penis? LOL)],should NOT BE TOLERATED, and hey, this story has a GOOD end: this time Mr X messed with the wrong people! He is GONE... COMPLETELY removed from Google, really GONE! Justice is done, the two 'stupid fat jerks/freaks with lame brains' WON!!!

These can be great places, I've made friends and contacts through them.
Let's be kind and remain civilised, it means 'PEACE' on our level, not a bad start?
Have a great day and thank you, M, (*_*)

Friday, 10 January 2014


That is the person who invested a lot of time, money and effort... with great pleasure and passion? Learned HOW to be a photographer, what it all means! The technical and human ins and outs, learned about light, in studio and in nature, knows about composition. Yes, once you know the rules: THEN you can become 'creative'... and break them!
None of this depends on the size or the price of the camera! A camera is simply a tool. It WILL ALWAYS be the person behind the camera that makes the photo! The minimum requirement is to understand aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length.
And a good photographer can take a good picture with a good camera, but a GREAT photographer can take GREAT pictures even with a phone?
I used to take my camera everywhere with me, not anymore and okay it DOES happen that I see a shot, well I take it with my mind's eye and shrug? I am not a photo-journalist, so if I miss it... I miss it.
There is a time for seeing and enjoying and then a time for the 'passion'.
How do you recognise a proper photographer? No, not necessarily the one with the most gear, gadgets or the heaviest camera-bag, LOL. Many love it, I see it all the time and it makes me smile. It is the consistency, the built-up portfolio, the overall quality of the work.

Have a good day and thanks for your visit, so very much appreciated, Magda, (*_*)
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Nothing but Tulips!

Another  slideshow set to music, Why not take a few minutes, (2.30), click on the link, sit back,relax and enjoy the beauty, you'll feel replenished?
Only 2.30 min.. Always interested in your opinion. Thanks, M. (*_*)
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Everywhere you go, people are pointing ALL kinds of devices at everything. Phones, tablets, big and small cameras.
Do they take the time to 'stand and stare'? Actually enjoy the moment? The view? Well everything IS getting very well documented that's for sure. How many photos are actually seen NOT on a screen? In print? So many questions...
It is great to see people having fun with their 'gadgets'. But I am a thinker... and what happens to all those images? Where-ever I go, people shove their phone under my nose, and start flicking through the hundreds of photos they took of the same subject, whether it is their children, damage on a car or, sigh, the holiday, LOL. You are smiling eh? It happened to you too! You also remained polite? Blurry, dark, too light, skew, oh yes, seen it all eh?
Please, take a moment, think? Do NOT go for the quantity but THE QUALITY, just a brief look on the internet for a few pointers on composition will already help you a long way and give you so much pleasure in the long run!
Have a good day and thanks for your visit, so very much appreciated, Magda, (*_*)
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Sunday, 15 December 2013


Christmas 2013...

AAAHHH, at last the day arrived to open the 'magic' cupboard again, the ‘Christmas cupboard, it always holds a few surprises of things you just forgot about yet like very much. A wonderful trip of re-discovery, haha. It had gone smoothly, I was pleased.

The tree was up, the whole place filled with the Christmas aromas of pine and orange and cinnamon and candle-wax. Outside the wind was howling and playing with everything lying loose?

I greatly enjoy the silence of night, but on this occasion, I was listening to seasonal music, varied, from bells to music box to angel-singing. Humming along, dreaming of Christmases past, yes the whole family passed the review. Myself as a little girl… my children little again, yeah time does fly.

I was enjoying the moment, relaxing, everything sparkling in the flickering candle-flames and twinkly lights. When suddenly I heard the most almighty booming voice, I sat up, it was outside, I jumped up and looked through the window… and there he stood, Santa, in the snow, on a roof. The bag he was carrying was full and heavy. He was looking up at the sky; I followed his gaze and saw nothing.

I rushed outside, now I could hear what he was hollering: “Ruuudolf, Ruuuuuuudolf”

Oh dear, poor man, I saw the footsteps where he’d been, the chimney… I saw how he had dirtied his beautiful red coat’s white trimming on the soot? I shouted up: “is there anything I can do?”
He turned and almost slipped, looked down and said:
“Yes, that’s very kind of you; I’m in trouble, I had so many mince pies I just could not get through the chimney… So, please, can you call Rudolf with me?”

So there we were, both of us: “Ruuudolf, Ruuuuuuudolf”
We waited, could we hear anything? I looked around; light after light came on, every house lit up. Neighbours came out, soon all were calling: “Ruuudolf, Ruuuuuuudolf”

At last, the sleigh bells in the distance, Rudolf was rushing through the night. He halted next to his master: “Well? Rudolf? What do you have to say for yourself? You know we have much work and not so much time? Hmmmm?”

Rudolf’s nose was redder than ever; he bent over gently and whispered something in Santa’s beard, everybody on tiptoes curious, eyes wide open. Santa started to roar with laughter, his belly shaking.

Before climbing under the warm blanket in the sleigh, he turned and smiled at us: “Thank you for helping me, my dear friends, all is well; in the team there is a new reindeer, a first year youngster, doing his best, only slowed it down a little and in this weather I am not the most patient of men!

Be good and Merry Christmas… HOHOHOOOOOOO” And he was gone.

We looked at each other, shook hands; here we were; people from Africa, Asia, Europe… from all over.
Then shyness overtook again, each returning home, light after light went out, darkness and silence descended in the street. All was back to the usual, each in our homes, doing our thing, living our lives.

I sighed; it had been a good moment.

I sat down again in the warmth, when in front of the fire, I saw a parcel, ooh I was torn, wait until Christmas? Or open it now? I'm also not the most patient, so I tore the colourful outer wrapping… gently unfolded the tissue paper and out came a beautiful angel, smiling kindly holding a heart.
My soul filled with joy, I must be doing something right? I walked over to my tree and put my new treasure in a prominent place.
Hope you enjoyed it? A MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Thanks, M, (*_*)
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Monday, 4 November 2013

Christmas present

stuck for a nice, inexpensive and original Christmas present for young and younger? EVEN MORE PHOTOS! View here:

Enjoy? Thank you, M, (*_*)

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


This is a story, called 'A special night, that I wrote about a night that Paul and I did a reportage on SHRIMPING.

Part 3.

1 ...

Here you have an overview, I thought it would be interesting to show the different stages!
On Belgian boats the shrimps are boiled on board in between each trek. Most of those boats don't have refrigeration, but raw shrimps must never be put onto melting ice anyway, so they'd have to be packed instantly. These fishermen prefer the old method.

2 ...We looked at each other, and as so often on the same wavelength, we burst out laughing, unable to stop, drunk with fatigue and mirth. We hugged, then crawled back into our berths.
The cadenza changed, waking me. I listened, Paul was in deep sleep. Faint light filtered in through the hatch. I felt around for my stuff, tried to put some decency into my appearance, and, oh so quietly, I felt my way up.
What I saw was stunning. The promise of sun, early rays illuminating the last darkness of night, the sea a pregnant black mass of lapping water-peaks.
It felt as if the iodine scented air was sucked deep into my brain, triggering memories of earlier summers.

As the sun rose in orange glory, offsetting the blue ever more, I saw all the other trawlers on the horizon.

3 ......In our foaming wake, a shrieking battle was going on between hungry seagulls, their agility never ceased to amaze me.
I retrieved my camera and eternalised these beautiful moments.

Well, morning was upon us, we were heading back to land, I'll take you all the way, three more images, hope you enjoy.
Difficult light conditions, still too light for the one, too dark already for the other, c'est dure la vie de photographe, hihi.

4 ...Gradually the air warmed up, the light becoming brighter. The end of a hard night, the start of a glorious day.
Paul appeared, still looking a bit rough, but with a happy grin around the lips.
His cameras on the ready he was now in full swing. Our smiling eyes met briefly, we were on the same level here, I could so intensely sense his joy and elation. This was the light in delight!
As the coast became more visible on the pale horizon, I tried to identify the different towers, then buildings and landmarks.
All the boats chuffing hurriedly in the same direction, the harbour, home!

The activity on board was over, everything cleaned up, the guys were inside, tired and rushing home, the race was on again!
We were so happy to catch that first morning light at sea!!! Seeing the world around us again...distance, wonderful.
Always liked the two 'boat' photos, the one in the evening and the one in the morning, such different light but there seems to be another rhythm, or is that my imagination?

5 ...…As the coast became more visible on the dark horizon, I tried to identify the different towers, then buildings and landmarks. The elegant, tall and slim lighthouse a welcoming sight, she’s called ‘Long Nell’, I couldn't help thinking how many before me must have been either elated or heavyhearted to see her…

Night is in the distance, the water calmer,we were emptying our cameras (finishing our films) in silence and pure inner joy and awe, drunk with fatigue and euphoria.
As we passed the two pier heads, a greeting was shouted over the radio.
Alongside the main pier, a line of waiting sailing boats. Full of well rested people, looking forward to a day at sea, the guests waving, the crew sorting out ropes and sails.

6 ...Soon we were where we had started. Danny and Sylvain helped us up the quay with all our gear.
Their boat ship shape, ready for the next evening, their catch neatly stacked for the auction.

We thanked them and said good-bye. Sylvain adjusted a few last details, happily chewing his small cigar. Danny climbed back up and awkwardly put two plastic bags next to us. Shrugging his shoulders, he indicated this was for us. I saw the shiny prawns, the other bag filled with Dover sole! I immediately offered to pay, but he wouldn't hear of it. This was our share!

Amazingly I saw Paul changing as soon as he set foot on Terra ferma.
Me, I was swaying, my legs trembling. I had the sea in my legs! The earth was moving, I felt drunk after this cocktail of excitement, beauty, adventure and no sleep.
As we drove off, we looked back, it was 7.20.
The sea was getting ready for its next set of visitors, it seemed.
The town was also waking up and preening itself in the sunshine, the council cleaners spraying and cleaning the streets. Shopkeepers putting their wares out, looking hopefully at the clement skies.
I stopped the car at a baker; the smell of fresh bread tickled my nostrils and teased my now very hungry stomach. I ordered fresh rolls and when I picked up the bag, it was warm.
We rushed home.

Changed and refreshed we sipped our breakfast coffee. It tasted better than ever. We had so much to talk about, all these deep emotions that we had experienced.
Around 9 o'clock, we decided to try and get some sleep. Of course we were overtired, so we had the giggles about silly things, gently laughing ourselves to sleep.

My last memory is whispering to Paul, that I would never complain about the price of shrimps and fish again, having experienced first hand, and in summer, what a tough job these people have. I tried to imagine what it must be like in the cold and during the winter storms and bzzzzzzzz...

So, that's it, hope you've enjoyed it.

Thank you for your reactions, have a great day, Magda (*_*)

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