Thursday, 23 October 2008


PLEASE VIEW THIS BEAUTY called DARK FLAMENCO, LARGE, by clicking on the image.

Paul came home and had bought me three beautiful Amaryllis stems, two red and one white. They were still closed, and that is the way you should buy them, so full of promise!
In fact they are Hippeastrum, which is a genus of about 70–75 species and 600+ hybrids and cultivars of bulbous plants in the family Amaryllidaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas from Argentina north to Mexico and the Caribbean. Some species are grown for their large showy flowers. These plants are popularly but erroneously known as Amaryllis

This is not so unusual for him, and NO, it is NOT because I'll have to 'forgive' him for something!!!
Where does this misconception come from, how did it start? I have always known men (agreed, on the Continent) who gave flowers to their loved one and vice versa.
It is a wonderful, meaningful and loving gesture and can sometimes say more than words!
It is not wrong or embarrassing to be 'romantic'... And yet when a man walks around with a bouquet, you see the look in the eyes of passers-by, it is such a sad cliché, and many ladies are the victim of it, their man would love to give them flowers, but they'll not be seen carrying them! LOL!

Most flowers sold in the UK are bought by women.
However, come Valentine's Day, the majority of flowers sold are overwhelmingly bought by men! Why is this? What is stopping men buying flowers the rest of the year? I know I'm a lucky woman! I don't want them on the 14th of February, that's commercial obligation, it doesn't make me feel 'special'. Out of the blue, that is what matters and does it for me!
Studies show that flowers actually have a positive effect on human beings!
Some surveys show that women have very positive feelings towards men carrying flowers, considering him a thoughtful, romantic and loving kind of guy, and are often jealous of the man's partner for receiving such a lovely gift - it could boost your rating in the popularity stakes to be seen with a bunch of flowers!

Flowers are a permanent attribute of any love story. Can you imagine courting without flowers?

Flowers are a compliment to a lady, the way of saying that a man finds her feminine?

I say... give them while I can enjoy them, no need for them when I'm dead, that's not for me anymore but for the 'outside' world?

So come on everybody, no need for expensive bouquets, it is the thought that counts, and one rose, one stem can say it all.....................
Photographed in a ‘sensual’ way, they made me think of fiery flames, the ruched skirts of the Flamenco dancers; my excuse is that I’m a ‘romantic creative’… what’s yours? Tee hee.
Have fun and thanx, M, (*_*)

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