Saturday, 22 November 2008


Yvan, the man, the ARTIST.

Yvan and I have been friends since the sixties.
Yvan is an Artist, started painting in oils, was successful, then, moved on to copper etchings, still not satisfied, he finally came to glass, went and studied all over Europe with the best.
Now he is content, he loves what he creates.

We met Yvan regularly and each time he was wearing some other headgear.
I remarked he must have quite a collection and that we should have a photo session.
Always game, he agreed, a date was set and he arrived with a whole suitcase and a bag full of props.
He completely got into the different characters, depending on each hat. Amazing!
It was the most hilarious shoot I ever did.
I'm still surprised no shots suffered from camera shake, we were laughing so much.
He is a very lovely man, with a great sense of humour, which I let you discover with the this particular part of the series: "Ex- and impressions."

See previous for most of this series and a great story of friendship!

The studio set-up was mostly two huge softboxes, a black bg in a darkened environment, often a honeycomb for some rim-light, reflectors mostly black to deepen the shadows.

When taking portraits, make your 'sitters' as comfortable as possible, except for pro models, very few people are not nervous!
Be relaxed and calm yourself. Prepare everything before, get your gear together, know more or less what you are going to do... if possible.
I always see to it that there's some nice bg music, some refreshments, and depending on the season... cool or warm, always in moderation, otherwise... it WILL show, lol.

Taken with my favourite camera, Nikon F4, scanned the negs, retouched (dust, no matter how well one stores them!!!) with great care and lots of TLC...

Have fun! M, (*_*)

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