Thursday, 1 January 2009

GOOD-BYE 2008, HELLO 2009

A more meditative note.
On this the first day of the year, it is not a bad thing to look back... all the good times, the lesser times, be realistic about life, that is how it is, sunshine and rain, blue skies and heavy clouds, pondering the New year ahead, believing that it is going to be NOTHING but blue skies, a blank canvas that we can still fill with all our dreams and wishes.
And yet accepting day by day what life has in store for us...
Ever the optimist... 2009 will see some of my hopes fulfilled, I'm sure, if not, there's always next year? LOL.

Charles Delporte (born in 1928 in Marcinelle, Belgium) is a painter, sculptor, poet and composer. His creative imagination is unlimited.

His work is that of a visionary who reinvented alchemy, basing his work on scientific information. There are four tendencies in his work: realistic, genetic, geophysical and nuclear. There are over 300 works in museums, foundations, abbeys, churches, towns and universities all over the world. Charles Delporte donated an extensive collection to the Community of Damme, near Bruges, the capital of the province of West-Flanders.

Hope ALL your dreams come true, thanx for your visits, greatly appreciated, M, (*_*)

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Di Mackey said...

I'm so glad you called by and left the information about Charles. Dank u wel. But I'm even more delighted to find you out here in the blog world. All the very best in 2009.