Friday, 5 June 2009


This is the story.

Of flowers that have ambitions to be little lampshades or a chandelier?

I grew up in the city, always loved flowers, later in life, moved to the country-side and developed a passion for gardening and 'growing' things.
Wintertime I spent learning and reading more, couldn't wait for the next Spring.
I was 'organic' looooong before it became trendy!
I was given a tiny book by someone, "Old wife's tales", it was full of fun advice of how to improve on plants, fruit and veg with little 'house' remedies.
For example, if you grow strawberries, alternate them with a row of marigolds, they will taste even better!
I also found in the booklet, that if you have roses, and they suffer from greenfly, put some garlic at the root of the rose plant!
Last year, we moved house, I transplanted most of my roses (successfully), also, in the kitchen I'd had a plait of braided garlic, it looked quite dry, and although I do use and enjoy garlic in certain dishes, not the fresh stuff, my system cannot handle it very well. It did look decorative in the kitchen!
So, I thought, right! I won't throw it away, I will put them with the roses.
No greenfly, however, when it rains.... there is a definite garlic 'fragrance' in the air! Tee hee.
You can imagine my astonishment when I saw green coming up, and total surprise when I saw buds, now they developed into flowers!!! And it IS RAINING HEAVILY!!! LOL.
I mean, how could there still be life in them after all this time?
AAAAHHH, Nature! And to think that 'proper' plants often struggle or just plain die on you, pfffttt.
I looked it up, they are Allium bulgaricum (synonym of Nectaroscordium bulgaricum) : Bulgarian Onion...
Thanx for your time and comments, ALWAYS!
M, (*_*)

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mmax2 said...

Hello Magda,

Thank you for sharing.
We are so glad for your roses! :)
We must change an our home soon too.
However, we have a...Palm tree, a big one!Hahahahahahahaha.
We can't imagine hot to move them.