Sunday, 25 October 2009


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I see and hear that there are a lot of complaints about Flickr deleting accounts... apparently for no reason????????????

I've been on the site for well over two years, it took me quite a while to get used to the 'MAGNITUTUDE' and the working of it, because each site is different, has its pro's and cons.
Now I love it, the diversity, often also the 'level' of the photography.
What I don't like is their so called highest accolade, to be in their group 'EXPLORE', I see many bad images there, it is 'calculated' by some logarithm. I want NOTHING to do with that, I prefer going on pure merit and a jury of my peers.
This rose that I uploaded was a BIG thank you to all those who were so prompt, helpful and supportive last week.
It meant a lot. I was distraught.
It was a thank you to all the administrators who immediately removed all the images and banned the thief from their group. For all the emails of support and help.
Ok, I lost half a day of my life on the one hand, time I could not afford to lose, on the other hand it reaffirmed my strong belief that there are still many 'caring' people in the world.
Also how much our images mean to us, these, like so many, had started in my brain, my heart, a lot of organising, relaxing the patient model with music, studio not too cold, not too hot and ultimately the creative eye, the anticipation, would it work or was it not such a great idea, some Polaroids taken to adjust the lights exactly to what I wanted and then, the rest of the day, the rest of the shoot with different flowers...

For those who haven't got a clue what went on, here's a quick summary.
By sheer coincidence, I discovered one of my images in a group, with someone else's name under it,

This was MINE!!! I took the photos in my studio on 35mm film, with my Nikon F4, in my studio, 13 years ago, as a series called SECRET GARDEN:

for an exhibition on the Continent called "Salon des Dames".
It was in several exhibitions since.

The whole sorry matter was quickly dealt with.
I am happy to inform that the THIEF has now been removed from Flickr.
I received this email the same day:

"Dear Mrs Indigo

Thank you for your email. We have now forwarded this matter to the relevant
Flickr team and have requested that the offending photograph be removed from
the Flickr user's account.

We will confirm to you when this has been completed, which can take up to 24

Kind regards

UK Copyright Team."

The thief's account was completely removed a few hours after my formal complaint and immediate at the time they sent me this email! I do not know if the thief was warned, so she might think, she was kicked off 'without any reason'????? I don't think so!

Be very aware and vigilant, from what I saw, I recognised other photos on her photo stream that were also not from her, actually, I wonder if there was ANYTHING of hers, I did not have the time to research it. It could be one of YOURS!!!

Thank you again, Magda, the REAL CREATIVE BRAIN AND proud maker of the image, (*_*)

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