Monday, 27 April 2009

METAPHOR OF LIFE, of knots and ropes and hooks.

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It never ceases to amaze me, how rope works!
Tiny strands of different materials, bound together, more and more, getting thicker, intertwined, becoming stronger and stronger! It has a beginning and an end, can twist, get into knots, form firm links, carry heavy loads, help guide us, cutting some slack or be stretched to the limit or be just a piece of string to bind love letters...
Some are thin, others are thick.
Some are short, others are long.
Some are solitaire, some are a 'bunch'.
Some are stronger than others.
Some are more colourful, others more bland.
It reminds me so much of LIFE.
A great metaphor for it?
I will first tell you that I’m not a mystic person and only believe in reality.
I respect everybody’s view and you’ll all have your own, just sharing mine here, my very personal philosophical interpretation,.

All through our lives, we form bonds, friendships, partnerships; some last… some don’t...
I like to think of myself as very individualistic, but have wisely decided that we all need each other.
I have always been fascinated by 'links', ropes, hooks and knots (have a whole collection of photos), they illustrate that phenomenon very well, there might sometimes be the possible 'tension' here, but it's definitely holding, and in doing so, getting stronger and more difficult to undo! Lol.
Wonderful rope… I also see it as a symbol of how, in a good relationship, you as a person, together with your partner, your lives become 'intertwined' and therefore so much stronger...
Soul mates will feel themselves bonded together for a lifetime.
Having no permanent links, the denizen of our liquid modern society must tie whatever bonds they can to engage with others, using their wits, skill and dedication. But none of these links are guaranteed to last. Moreover, they must be tied loosely so that they can be untied again, quickly and as effortlessly as possible, when circumstances change - as they surely will, over and over again.
The frailty of human links, the feeling of insecurity that frailty inspires, and the conflicting desires to tighten the bonds yet keep them loose, all make us more vulnerable.
Some of us are ‘loners’ either through choice or circumstances, but I don’t think that we were ever meant to be by ourselves, that we ‘operate’ better in a social context if we are not without any links.
When you have found the right person to form your ‘permanent’ link with, HOLD TIGHT, because it means STRENGTH!
And it goes further… after the sad, senseless loss of a young friend, killed in Afghanistan, something we are still coming to terms with, after his funeral, we have once more realised how intertwined our lives all are, how we can touch the lives of many, some we do not even know… especially nowadays, with internet, phones AND the wonderful medium that is PHOTOGRAPHY! Many people can be touched by an image, we heard again...

A lot of my photographs evoke the metaphor for life.
Circles, ties, knots, rope, scarred background…
You have the circle, example; I took my granddaughter to a place where I had taken my boys and my parents and grand-parents had taken me.
We are surrounded by circles, sun, moon; we LIVE on a ‘circle’
Lots of things come in cycles.
There are bonds that always remain, you cannot divorce a child, it’s ALWAYS a part of you. Same the other way around.
You have the ropes= attachment, friendships, ties with your chosen partner, it is beautifully tight.
The other rope, to me represents the freedom to remain you, free and individual.
Lighter and darker areas, scars underneath, I’m sure that will echo for most of you…

Have a wonderful day and thanx for your visit, Magda, (*_*)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Please do not COPY or use any of my images on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved.

I had the privilege to be invited by a neighbour to visit the Mosque, it has a beautiful green dome which unfortunately I could not get from this angle, as the building is situated on a hill and I was standing in the parking yard.(1)

I was interested and eager, always have been about different cultures.

I am a very liberal person, with respect for other people’s religion, a great believer of Freedom and an enemy of -ISMS.

I know the Islamic population has had a lot of bad press, and some extremist have indeed committed the most atrocious acts, but can ANYBODY say, NOT MY PEOPLE?

I do not want to upset anybody or condone anything, I'm hoping for some plain non-prejudicial viewing of something that is part of a huge group within our population and not often seen by 'outsiders'.

I only had to cover my head and take off my shoes inside. All the people I met were very inviting, polite and also very proud to show me around. All in all, another great experience added to my wonderful collection.

The entrance doors are huge and massive, these are the outside panels. Beautiful wood and great carvings also on the inside.

It is in their habits to wash hands and feet before you enter the 'proper' mosque area, a washroom for the men and one for the women.(4)

A glorious entrance hall, with lights and a fountain, they promised that next time it would be on for me, there were works going on as you will see in the rest of the images.
The gent was also the librarian.(5)

The main prayer hall with in the middle the place of the Imam, which is an Islamic leadership position. He is often the leader of a mosque and the community. Similar to spiritual leaders, the imam is the one who leads the prayer during Islamic gatherings. More often the community turns to the mosque imam, if they have an Islamic question.


This gent came in for prayer, he stood there, composed himself for some time... (7)

Then he got down and started his prayer, it was a very moving moment. I was happy that digital cameras do not make that beautiful 'shutter' noise an analogue used to make, well, my Nikon F4 I could put on whisper mode, but still, and the typical 'clack' of the Hasselblad... would have been most disturbing!(8)

After his prayer, he just sat there, reflective and composed.(9)
I am not a 'believer', and yet always so in awe of people who are...

The tour went on, we moved up the stairs where the scholar area is for the youngsters, where they study the Koran.

(10, 11, 12)

Up again we came into the new Prayer Hall, under the dome, works still very ongoing.

A huge chandelier is going to be hoisted up and will adorn and fill the inside Dome.

Through the 'windows' in the dome I could see people were working and cleaning outside the Dome, there was great hilarity...

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Hope you enjoy this as much as I did, thanx, M, (*_*)

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