Tuesday, 27 April 2010

WHY KNOT??? To ART or not to ART?

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For an image 'representing' Summer, one of the props was a very colourful skipping-rope (jump-rope).
The moment I saw this out of all the other stuff, my creative juices started to flow...
I photographed it in my own style... Called the first one WHY KNOT??? Uploaded it on Flickr and to my surprise, it did very well. Today I got an interesting comment that I want to share with you, as it provoked a reaction from me...


"In a way this photo is everything that is WRONG with Flickr. And, everything that's RIGHT. Some people will say what does a mess of different colored string all placed together and tied into a knot mean? How is that art? Others will say ah, what an excellent metaphor/s that applies to so many themes. What a simple minimilist piece of art. Why didn't I think of that? its been right in front of me a million times. Most people will lie somewhere in the middle, struggling with the image for a second and quickly flipping to the next piece. Isn't art strange? LOL Thanks for sharing,..." Mason Pickholz

I replied by email:

You mention the big A... art? I consider myself a creative photographer, not an art photographer. It is such a massive discussion what art is... been there, worn that T-shirt, lol.
Until the day there is a definite and 'plausible' definition of ART, that's when I'll change my mind, in the mean-time, I'll stick to creative...

When not 'dictated' by a client, I take images that come out of my brain, the birth of the idea, the development of it, my vision and the creation, my enjoyment and the challenge, the hype and the anticipation, the playing with light, to me, the ultimate high, I don't need anything else.

Once the image is there, I'm content, and if it 'inspires' others, releases an emotion, that's wonderful!
And I've seen how my photos have 'inspired' many!
I'm not stupid to think that everybody is going to like, let alone understand my image, but I can easily live with that, because I do not have that expectation!
I, in the first place, have to be happy with it, the quality, the composition, EVERYTHING, it has to be immaculate, I have to stand by it 100% or the outside world will NEVER see it!
That goes for my pro AND my free work (what you see on Flickr).
I wouldn't have it any other way.
I hope that you enjoyed my 'rave'?
Take care, all the best and above all... enjoy your photography.
If the day comes I don't enjoy it anymore... I'll GIVE AWAY all my gear (it's a lot, gathered over the years, please don't hold your breath, heeeee), M, (*_*)

I got a lovely reply:

I really like that, "creative photographer." I am always interested in how people see themselves, they're creative process, and how they define themselves. I think its great that you know who you are and I very much enjoyed your "rave" it shows passion for what you do. And that, my friend, is all that matters. It doesn't matter what you are doing or what you are calling it, the passion shows through in the end. The work will be judged as art or not or the debate will continue but its not something that you concern yourself with it. Its like you said if it inspires other they may want to call it art or craft or photography or whatever. At the point you are done, you are done--do with it what you may. Call it what you want I'm going on with my creative process. I'm not going to get bogged down in conversation I have too much creative photography to do to waste my time defining the limits of what I have created. That's a pretty cool attitude and you say it works for you. So, go with it. It was good talking with you. See ya around, Mason Pickholz

All in all an interesting exchange, thanx, M, (*_*)

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Jerri Johnson said...

Hello Magda,
I fell in love with your photos on Flickr, but now I can expand that love through your blog. It's lovely to know more about you and your passion for the art.
Best regards,
Jerri Johnson