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DAY 2.

The morning after our arrival, we wake up and see that it has rained and it is very overcast!
Slightly disappointed, we decide we will not let this dampen our spirit and that we are going to 'discover' Fuengirola. Get to know it, our way around…
It is a good thing that we thought of bringing our sat-nav (satellite navigation).
We already know from last night, that Spanish drivers are not the most patient and like driving fast and quite aggressively!
Fuengirola was in ancient times known as Suel and then Suhayl and is a municipality on the Costa del Sol in the province of Málaga, autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. It is a major tourist resort, with more than 8 km of beaches, and home to a medieval Moorish fortress,(1) Sohail Castle. The town has its origins in Phoenician, Roman and Arab civilisations.
We want to find the ‘southern’ beginning of the promenade and come to the foot of the fortress, proudly waving the Spanish flag!
We are impatient and want to see the Mediterranean again, on our short way I spot an Egret (2) standing in a bit of a laguna. Click, a shot… (I don’t DO birds…lol)
The Med is not its usual glorious blue because of the grey sky, but the temperature is fine. (3)
I sit and soak up the atmosphere. (4)
A balmy 23 degrees, suits me perfectly... up to 25, I'm fine, more then that and I suffer, I'm the Northern type, what can I say?
Paul cannot resist and walks onto the empty beach with only stacked redundant and rather tired looking sun-loungers. (5)
When he returns, he’s happy, he ‘touched’ the sea! (6)

As we drive off to further explore, I spot a high-rise building being painted ‘a la Española…’. (7) (8)
I’m grinning ear to ear. That’s the stuff I’m after!
We discover a lovely little park with flowers and trees that are new to me, bliss, if only the light was better, not so flat. (9) (10)
Fuengirola seems to be busy for this time of year, it’s not easy finding a parking space, but when we do, we‘re glad, because it is very close to the harbour.
The old port is still used by the local Spanish fishermen. (11)
It is Sábado (Saturday) and there is little activity, the boats are in.
Eventually we find a fisherman checking his gear, again it is something I’ve never seen before, and yet, every country I ever visited, I’m always drawn to the fishing harbours, their methods, netting, boats and people.
He’s sorting out ‘pot’ after black pot on one rope, from the quay to the boat. (12)
He spots me; I go up to him and (try) asking him in my BEST Spanish, what they are for?
He answers kindly… for catching ‘pulpos’. (13)
They catch octopuses by taking advantage of the animals' habit of hiding in safe places during the night. In the evening they put grey ceramic pots on the sea bed. The morning of the following day they check them for octopuses that sheltered there.

They are very popular in Tapas and most Spanish dishes, like Paella!
He looks at my camera, I tell him it is sad that the light is not better, to which he replies … it will be fine tomorrow, Mañana… now there’s a word you’ll hear more of in the coming days!
A bit further I spot more people, mending the netting, where I come from it was the ‘old’ people’s job, not here it seems. (14) (15)
I sense they don’t like the ‘intrusion’.
We take some general shots and walk back to the promenade, as we sit on a wall, suddenly the clouds open a bit and the sun is caressing us, what a wonderful feeling. Everything changes, it comes to life! We stay and enjoy it.
Looking north, we see the mountains and the blue in the sky. (16)
Mountain villages clinging on the flanks, looking forward to exploring that!

Eventually, we head home, to our apartment; we’ll eat the beautiful gambas that we bought, with some olive bread and a glass of white Rioja, on the terrace, that’s after a glass of Jerez with mejillones (cooked mussels, mmmm) as an aperitif.
After our meal, we view our images and we sit happily outside till all’s gone quiet, this is the night the hour changes to Winter-time, so we gain an hour.
We’ll have our beauty sleep and tomorrow we’ve planned to venture a bit further along the coast…
Thanx, M, (*_*)

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