Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I stand in STUNNED SILENCE for JAPAN, while my heart gently weeps!

Today, I saw some of the news for the first time... so far I had followed it in words and not in images...
What they showed... I had to stop watching, it is too much, how I feel such sadness for all those people, it will take generations...even then, it will be something that will always stay with them. A tragedy of such epic proportions! I cannot comprehend what it must be like!
Being 'brave' will not be enough... how do you go on? I know, have to... but how?

I heard that in Japan the colour red means: Courage.
This image is in honour of them, my kimono from Tokyo and my tabi socks, I know the Chrysanthemum is of great importance to them, especially White means mourning in Japan...
This is my Koden-gaes: Giving a token in acknowledgement of an obituary gift.

Now, countries are showing goodwill... getting together, helping out, why only ever when disaster strikes?

Lead a good life!

Thanx, M, (;_;)

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