Sunday, 19 June 2011

ON and FOR FATHER'S DAY, in England 19th June 2011


It is never easy being a parent!
Each child is an individual... does not come with an instruction manual! LOL Have a great one dads.

A lifelong commitment, that's being a parent, to care about smaller and bigger things, the being there, we have a duty, the morals that we teach them... that's what will (ideally?) shape them, let's not underestimate the impact we have on our nearest and dearest.
The 'father' figure is often one of strength and discipline, never forget that bit of tenderness, so needed in all our lives.

An unforgettable moment in my youngest son's life, she is the apple of her parents eye... not every child is that lucky...

The little girl had been playing very intensely involved in a game, the adults having a vivid conversation, when she suddenly jumped up, ran to her daddy and gave him a kiss. I only had time to lift my camera to my eye and grab this precious moment. The settings all wrong... I was able to 'retrieve' what I wanted, everybody else would have deleted the raw file!

A perfect example of the fact that it is NOT only about the technicality but the emotion in a photograph.
In a studio, the light would be perfect but you would NEVER be able to 'create' a moment like this!

I believe we have become too obsessed with the 'technicality' of the manipulation rather than with the content of the pictures.
Personally, if a photograph touches me, that is the first criterion!
Unfortunately I must admit, if it has been 'massacred' with some software, that rapidly takes away ALL emotions except, GGGGRRRRRR.
 Technically perfect images are often , dare I say it? ...BORING???
So  feelings and emotions in an image, so often discarded yet so essential!
Mine is pure, unadulterated photography, I'm old school, darkroom age, haha.
It is great fun to 'try' out some of the new gimmicks, however, it is not for me.

Lead and enjoy a good life, do and say things that enrich... and more than ever, do not forget to tell the people close to you,  how much you love them!
With love to you and thank you for ALL your faves and comments, M, (* _ *)

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I  find my images on numerous blogs and websites EVERY DAY, without my permission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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