Tuesday, 24 January 2012


ANY photo upload site is a place where you open yourself AND your images to outside 'factors'!
Someone complained that they were 'gaming places'!
And indeed, ALL of them are gaming places.
Like in any game, there are specific rules which you accept when you sign up, and either you play the game ... OR you don't... there IS NO MIDDLE-GROUND!!!
PLUS: YOU are on your OWN!!! Site owners, I am sure like many politicians, started out with good and idealistic intentions... then... the success and money started to come in... that is it... no more help or care... why should they? Forgotten are the people who actually 'made' their site (career?) successful, that is the way it IS TODAY in this world we created!
The sooner one accepts that, the sooner the stress will go.
There are people on the sites without any photographic incentive, interest or motivation, all they want to do is cause problems, they are the bullies and saddos... they are the ones afraid of you and your talent, it shows them up. Did they remain stuck in childhood or very bad puberty?
The Site-owners are NOT prepared to do anything about this 'problem', they must be overwhelmed by emails, don't bother to answer, creating even more grief and miscontentment, members try all kinds of tactics to stop it, to no avail and they often are the ones who get banned?
Most of the sites have a life-cycle, I see them come, I see them go, I have yet to see the 'PERFECT' one.
All I know, is... if I conducted my business in this way and mistreated my clients as such, not listening to anything they have to say, categorically sticking to my opinion... I would NOT LAST VERY LONG, certainly in this economic climate!

I am on sites, as I said before, to build up a portfolio, and some have served me well. I USE them to expand and broaden my social media profile (wow, another MUST today!!!), next thing you know, I'll be doing nothing else... no more photography lol.
I made a choice though, I do not have time for twitter or Facebook, what little time I have is for my (free) photography, my lovely husband, my faraway family AND the friends.
I made some fantastic friends over the last 8 years on these sites, quite a few I have met, some I am going to meet very soon... so, yes, I am happy!
All the rest is just useless annoyance and I am not going to get my knickers into a twist for THAT anymore, I'm way past that!

I just shrug and continue with the GOOD!!!
Maturity and wisdom (like good wine, cheese...) comes with age..., my dear friends, it is not that I don't understand your frustration, however, you are fighting a losing battle I'm afraid, do NOT give them the satisfaction of not uploading your images... that is what they want ultimately, take out the best photographers and they become the top Rooster! Once that happens, start looking for another, newer site, caus this one is dying...
Enjoy your photography! M, (*_*)



Very well said Magda.


Very well said.

Anonymous said...

Magda you're a welcome voice of reason and clarity in a sea of nothing but gobbledygook. Thank you!