Tuesday, 18 December 2012


The wind was whistling around the house, dancing a rondo with dry fallen leaves.
I sat in my chair, warm and cosy, yes, once again, the Christmas cheer and sparkle filling our home and hearts. I closed my eyes and listened to the pretty music, the bells, the harps, music box...
Do you remember? Last year, three angels visited, I dried their wings and the little angels flew off happily with their soft wings, and all I had left with was three feathers?
For on angel it was a first Christmas, hadn't been an angel for long... still an apprentice really. But, good material, great potential... otherwise, so I was told... you do not get any wings at all!
Well, this time, I felt the gentlest caress on my cheeck, hih, it tickled, I brushed it away, but it was there again, it was the angel, I recognised it, how it had grown, smiled and said:
"Yes, you remember me, you where so kind to us, we had fun, he?
I wanted to come and tell you myself: I got my BIG wings!"
"How wonderful! That pleases me greatly! Well done my angel!
You must be thrilled? But, can I ask you, what did you do to earn them?"
The angel blushed a little, I said " Oh, maybe you can't tell me?"
"No, no, I can, only, it seems so minor, all I had to do was watch over you and your loved ones... and, I know that now and then I made a small mistake, like when you lost your camera-lens-hood in the dunes in Belgium, and, oohhh, do you remember, you almost tripped on the stairs in Holland when you visited your son and family, I was just able to grab you, aah and I..."
I put out my hand and touched the silk sleeve: "Please, my dear, you deserve your Big wings! You kept us all safe, that IS the most important, I am so grateful to you! Come sit closer, and please can I take a portrait of you? The family are arriving on Christmas day, and I would love to tell them and show them?"
The angel smiled again: "Of course!"
I ran upstairs for my camera, came back, a quick make-shift studio, black-background up, the angel was very patient, yes, really 'had the patience of an angel', haha.
I took the photo.
The angel came closer and whispered: "I am sorry, I have to go now, with the new wings come more responsabilities. Just wanted you to see them!"
I felt a gentle kiss on my forehead, again the tickle on my cheek from the wings.
I was alone again.
I picked up my camera, so curious to see...
And THIS is what I had captured... THE BIG WINGS...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfTWHbtv_-Y   ANGELS
I wish you all things good and wonderful, Magda, (*_*)

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