Saturday, 7 June 2014


Sunday, June, lovely weather, good light, the Coast beckons, the sea calls.
It’s been a long time since we last visited Flamborough.  
We loved it when Robert Emmerson was still there, selling his dressed crabs, in the parking lot from the back of his van. It was always so heart-warming and a soul-stirring magical moment.  We miss him.
We arrived in the later afternoon. Because of the light, we prefer it. Most people were leaving, on their way home, looking happy and in passing very pleasant ‘hellos’ and smiles were exchanged, a good day for all.
On our way down to the beach of Smuggler’s Cove, we stopped, took in the beautiful and familiar view, never tire of it… photographed some. Then about half way, two boats on the ramp, tied and rusting away, Robert’s boat... Not neat and painted freshly as they used to be. On the beach more boats, manned by the family no doubt, I have met his grandson and nephew, a real family affair. Robert’s daughter was one of the ladies dressing the crabs. He loved the ladies and flowers, hence the names, ‘Our Georgina’, ‘Summer Rose’, ‘Madeleine Isabella’… all very romantic, but the reality is harsh, it is hard work, long hours, dangerous! We live in a different era, generations brought up differently, also the methods change? I still saw the crab and lobster pots. It looks like they were still being used… for how much longer? It was a good revisit with a tinge of nostalgia, very often what happens on these occasions, we beautify things in our head? One thing that never lies is the photo’s you come home with: the reality check! Interesting! M, (*_*)