Thursday, 29 March 2007


When I took the portraits of this beautiful lady, it was the hardest assignment ever.
She was fighting for her life, against cancer.
After 4 months of intensive therapy, this is how she looked when she finally felt she was ready and could face the camera.
She was nervous, her husband emotional, her boys tired, it was the end of another day.

She was very anxious to see the results and album.
They made her happy.
Even more so her family, THIS is how they want to remember her, this WAS her.

At the funeral, this portrait on display, people shuffling, passed and just touched it...

I only met the lady once, I will never forget her.

Photography is a powerful medium.
Too often underestimated, yet it is the perfect recording of our history, forever changing lifestyles, the all important memories...
Cameras only the tools of the trade, note I write 'cameras', no distinction, it is my firm conviction that it is the person using the tools that is responsible for the result.

Like in everything else, there’s ever changing TREND.
You only have to look at the family/school/wedding portrait of 50-20 years ago!!!!!!!!
A dynamic portrait like the above, would not have been possible, everything was: neatly 'all-in', best clothes, from a respectable distance.
I like the way it's going, but it's taken some time...

Anybody (hate the question) who asks me: 'and, what do you photograph?' makes me think, my answer would be the BEAUTY in everything?
However I must admit, portraiture may be the most difficult discipline, I find it also the most rewarding!
Make the best of your day, Magda (~.~)


Paul Indigo said...

A wonderful image and thought provoking note. Good to see you joining the ranks of the bloggers of this world.

I've always thought that the combination of your images and words is very powerful.

David Toyne said...

Excellent. Starting with one of my favourite portraits by you Magda.

I hope you Indigo's aren't going to gang up on me online now... ;o)

Celeste_M said...

I connect with this portrait deeply, a much-loved person in life, the image later recognized at a memorial service. I connect because I lost a dear friend and quite unexpectedly saw my photo of him at his memorial service. His sister found the print in his apartment and had no idea the work was mine. Through a photo, a connection. Through a photo, I was able to honor a life.