Friday, 30 March 2007


The little girl had been playing very intensely involved in a game, the adults having a vivid conversation, when she suddenly jumped up, ran to her daddy and gave him a kiss.
I only had time to lift my camera to my eye and grab this precious moment. If I had taken the time to check settings, I would have missed that moment, he hates to be photographed and she loves to pose! What a combination, so it was this or nothing. I know that when that family will see this image, it will bring tears to their eyes and yet they would have never consented to it! I have given them something invaluable, a very unique moment.

When I downloaded my images I saw almost nothing but darkness, most would have deleted this immediately, me, I remembered the moment and hoped that some rescue might be possible, it was the first one I 'tackled' and this is what I got out of it... it is one of my favourite images!

A perfect example of the fact that it is NOT only about the technicality but the emotion in a photograph. I’ll come back to this again and again.
In a studio, the light would be perfect but you would NEVER be able to 'create' a moment like this!

Morality: ALWAYS have your camera ready for the circumstances and two DON'T delete an original file TOO quickly.

Wishing you all a day full of love and thanx for your welcome visit, M (*_*)

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David Toyne said...

Nicely put Magda. The technical is always second fiddle to the content I think. And this is a pic. I really like.