Monday, 25 June 2007


Today I am sad, my friends... well, we all have those days, I don't think it a bad emotion, it can be healing! If you've never been sad how will you know what joy and happiness feels like, hey?

We arrived on a late Summer's day at a beautiful place in the Yorkshire Dales.
It was the first time we were there since we had lost our beloved Border Collie, Pica, a few months before..
He loved that place.
This time it was quiet and deserted, only the soft air, a few distant birds, some insects buzzing from weed to weed, and distant bleating sheep disturbed the weighing silence.
In my mind I saw him running, following the trail of a rabbit, the white plume of his tail waving above the plants like a happy flag...
My heart was aching and heavy, I didn't feel like taking photographs of the glowing rolling landscape, I walked around and came to this old broken fallen gate, the hook looked like a question mark( would I ever get used to living without him?), with just one tear, everything seemed to weep, it reflected the way I felt then and now...

Today because of upsetting ways in the behavior of some people online, the negativity and unfeeling thoughtlessness , the alienation and above all the misuse of the anonymity of the medium that is 'cyberspace' and internet, it can be magic if used correctly, but there is a dark side, a huge question mark... people start to think that they can write anything about, or to, anybody. You never know who is on the other side, it could be someone who is sick, depressed, weak.
Not everybody is strong, some daren't speak up anymore in fear of the retaliations, becoming the target!

That shakes me to the core... But then, my optimism takes over again, it's just a few and they might experience a brief small moment of attention, but ultimately they will not be the victors, of that I am convinced! I will NEVER stand for bullying, terrorism, racism, antisemitism and fascism or any other negative 'ism' out to hurt human beings!
Before you write, why not take a deep breath, read your words again with the recipient in mind? Would you dare to speak the words you just wrote whilst looking that person in the eyes? If not, don't send it...

This is not so much about the loss of our dog (although I still miss him, he lives on in my heart), as in my belief in the truth and humanity in this world... the image triggered this off, again, the power of photography! A BIG question mark and a tear...

Wish you all the best and thanx, M, (*_*)


Sempringham said...

This was a beautiful post. I've made your blog a "favorite" and look forward to more.

Magda Indigo said...

thank you, glad you enjoy it, M, (*_*)

Silke said...

Hi Magda
I used to belong to an alumni discussion group which suffered badly at the hands of a cyber-bully. After a series of vicious attacks that slowly escalated, several key members left rather than defend those being attacked. You see, the problem is that bullies will always find their weapons (even cars are weapons for them) but good people who want to live a peaceful life usually just quietly leave. And I cannot blame them -- we all deserve safe places.
Thanks for the thread