Thursday, 28 June 2007


The Mermaid...

I was scanning some negs, taken with the Hasselblad for an ad campaign. Now there were quite a few similar poses, which is normal as you then pick out the best, and sadly the rest get discarded, I decided to have another 'look' at them when a strange thing happened.
The moment I saw this one, I immediately thought: "Mermaid".
Now you all know by now I don't 'manipulate' my images! But hey, it was a challenge I just could NOT resist. So I constructed her tail. It took me a long time, first it was all in b and w, I felt hyper creative and selecting her new lower half, I coloured it green, well she seems to like it judging by her smile, hihi.

In the studio I had pinned up her hair, she stood for over 2 hrs, at some point I asked her if she wanted a drink, with a twinkle in her eyes she thanked me, but, aaahh, the dreaded words came eventually: "she had to go for a wee!"
No way was I going to unpin and repin all of that, plus the hair had to be the same in all the images, so we giggled to a solution, I got her a container and left the studio.
What a spunky young woman, we're still laughing.

AAAAHHH c'est dure la vie de modèle!

Have a great day and thank you for your time, Magda, (*_*)

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