Thursday, 19 July 2007


These are a few of my favourite things.

Today, a snapshot of my new camera. I am over the moon, I just got the D200 as a present from Paul. This is my thank you to him, a quick shot in the studio, grey bg this time, full on flash, but that is irrelevant...
The FIRST image (a PORTRAIT of PAUL) TAKEN WITH IT!!! 1600 iso!

I was a full on film user and fanatic until a year ago. OOh yes I did have the Nikon P1 always with me, but for creative work, it was my Nikon F4s.
Then Paul decided on the Canon 5D, and I was given the D70.
I used it, in the beginning not a lot, but than, sadly one of my F4 died, it had been in hospital a couple of times, some transplants, but this was it!
So I used the D70 more and more, still very much as a film camera, not boasting about coming home with hundreds of images. Quietly happy if I came home with about 100 and had 5 good ones in there! Determined to use digital as much as possible as a film camera, I do not want to loose that discipline, of looking, concentration and focus you 'need' with film because it costs money. This is 'cost' of another level that you could be squandering? I see a lot of 'sloppy and slapdash'. But hey, that is only my opinion!

Somehow, I never really got on with that camera, no complaints, it just didn't seem to jell.

Paul came in, we were talking, I suddenly noticed this golden box on the table that said D200, I couldn't believe my eyes! I am so glad that I am not 'blasé' and still have that unbelievable feeling I remember from childhood, when I recieve a gift like this. Even after all those years, all the cameras and lenses, from Hasselblad to Zeiss, the tripods, lights, haha, loads of great moments!
The moment I held it, it felt so familiar, I found immediately what everything 'did'!
It reminds me of my F4.
I put it together with my fave lenses,
the Nikkor: 75-300
: 28-200
: 18-70
: 85mm
: 60 macro.

It is still ALWAYS a great moment, a new camera is a new partnership and a new adventure, lol
Ultimately they are only the tools of the trade! It is still the eye and the creative brain using them that will SEE and 'take' the image...

Thanx, M, (*___*)


David Toyne said...

:o) :o) :o)

The Journey continues...

James said...

Congratulations on your new pressie - I'm sure you'll have loads of fun using it! Glad to see that 85mm lens in there too - one of my all-time faves...

I hope you're well. It'd be great to catch up with you & Paul sometime soon. Could I maybe interest you in a visit at some time in October say, after the wedding season has died down some?


haukefischer said...

... and in comparison to the D70, the 200 owns a viewfinder that's worth its name ;-)

Congrats and have fun!

Joseph said...

I can't wait to get my D200!

Nice setup you've got there.