Monday, 2 July 2007


My beautiful son came over for a visit.
He is happily married (steady ladies, but you can look, hihi!!!) with two lovely children.
I have captured again the essence of my son, a very kind man, hardworking, and being like me, a sensitive human being, he has had to learn to live in this harsh world and take some knocks, a bit sad about the betrayals and cynicism.
Yet always an optimist and still a bit of a dreamer.
I miss him and yes, I am proud of him, no surprises there?.
It is a scanned image of a wet darkroom print.
This has not been manipulated in any way, a slight crop off the left, comp in camera, focus on the eyes and very little dof.
I photographed enough people in my life to know if it's going to be 'easy' or difficult! Tee hee. lol. Now he is easy, because
1. he doesn't mind being photographed (mostly because he is so used to it after all these years, mmmm, not his brother, so there goes that theory, no?), so he behaves normal, he was listening to Paul here.
2. because he is one of those lucky people= PHOTOGENIC!


I’ve long wondered about that phenomenon, why are certain objects and certainly people so much more photogenic than others.
They look good to me, but take a photograph and… well, let’s say, what I expected is just not there!

So a person described as being photogenic may not necessarily look as attractive in real life and a person who appears attractive in real life may look less attractive in photograph.

This phenomenon is caused by the three dimensional and two dimensional polarizing effect and could explain why a person looks "better" in 2D than in 3D or vice versa. Therefore, a person described as photogenic means he or she looks better in 2D than 3D.(says wikipedia)

Well, these two models have both the 2D and 3D factor then, because they look good both ways, lucky sods… hihi, hey wait has it got NOTHING to do with the photographer and her skills? AAWWW… LOL.

I was after VERY high contrast ON FILM, ILFORD PAN F 50, virtually no grain and a special lighting in the studio.

Have a day full of laughter, it’s good for you, and thanx for your time, Magda, (*_*)

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