Tuesday, 23 October 2007



If you are as passionate about photography as I am, passion as in LOVE? Then HOW can so many be so sloppy today? With all the wonderful 'tools' that we have at our disposal, all meant to make it 'easier'?
How can anybody upload an image with the spots from dust bunnies not removed?
How can anybody upload an image with a skew horizon?
Too many good photos are being 'spoiled' by overcooking or just not bothering to remove the dust specks or small eyesores?
What you are hearing is pure frustration!
If you are one of those who claim to have fallen in love with the medium, then, treat it right!
Treat it tender and with respect.
Treat it with the love it deserves.
Treat it with care!

ALWAYS clean up your bg( THE FLORAL DANCE)! After taking a portrait, we all have small blemishes/ mosquito bites, small cuts or wounds, take care of it, yet not something like a mole which is a characteristic of a person (HOLDING THE FUTURE). If you don't ENJOY it, don't do it!
However, even if it means a lot of work( THE ITALIAN JOB)! If you think it is worth it! Do it!
NEVER upload an image that is not 100%. Treat each site as you would a gallery, because that is what it is, you put up an exhibition! People come visit and judge!

So THINK AND CHECK before you put any photo up anywhere!
Thanx, M, (*_*)

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Willam M Gatesman, Attorney-at-Law said...

Here, here! I agree with Magda 100%. The internet has made it too easy. My 19 year old daughter seems to have thrown the rules of grammar away in her haste to communicate electronically. Let us not do the same thing with our electronic images.

A similar observation can be made, perhaps, about people who post one image, and then the same image that is cropped differently. How can I tell which of these the photographer is presenting as her best work? Seeing the same image twice (albeit with a different cropping) steals the thunder of both of them leaving me uninterested.

Bill Gatesman