Monday, 8 October 2007




To my grandchildren, on a visit from the Continent, this was an enchanting and enchanted wood!

They collected coloured leaves, ran through the rustling carpet, conkers and chestnuts, pinecones, saw the squirrels race up the trees, all the things that kids love.

They already are quite used to the smaller digital cameras most people have and how to take photos, This was taken on my Nikon F4, with 400iso film, it has a ‘special’ back so each time I took a shot, they came running to ‘see’, I had a lot of explaining to do!

Soon, there will be a generation that will not know what film is, a darkroom, negs?

Now that they have more of ‘an understanding’ about photography, my lovely bunch are more and more interested and more curious in some of the ‘tricks’ and creativity, especially my granddaughter.
After the ‘normal’ shot, with my camera on the tripod and while the shutter was open I moved the camera upwards creating the blur effect (Enchanted wood 2). They thought it was magic!
I like it because it’s such a lovely blend of the autumn colours with the tree trunks so strong.

The ‘essence’ of autumn. I am trying to be continuously and consistently creative in my photography. Trying out things, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… I learn from both experiences!

And the joy (forever) and the feeling when it DOES work, is to be felt, cannot be explained, hihi.

I wish you all a clear day and THANK YOU, Magda (*_*)

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