Friday, 10 September 2010

CAMERA GEAR anno 1993...

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Going through some old negs and prints, I came across this 'Polaroid' we made for fun, of some of the photographic gear we had then in 1993.
Only 2 things survived, the 2 Hasselblads.
For 'sentimental reasons' I kept the Canon AE1 (which I'd had since 1979, it was the world's first camera with an embedded microcomputer and was designated as the official 35mm camera for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, U.S.A.)
I also still have my favourite of all times: my Nikon F4, later joined by a second one, but that one now drains the batteries!
Light-meters, lenses, flashes with heavy flash-packs...
All analog... there were already 'rumblings' amongst our peers about something called digital(?), but, no, nothing was EVER going to replace the quality of film...

Oh dear, I resisted a very long time (about another 14 years), well, until I 'had' to agree that digital was 'as' good?
I still feel that film has something digital doesn't, but the technology has made things easier especially during pro shoots with lights, no more Polaroids to see if you have got the lights, composition, position, etc. right, no more darkroom, loading your precious film on the bobbins (in the dark, by feel), mixing the chemicals, the temperatures, the nail-biting wait for the results. (probably gobbledygook to a lot of you? haha)
Having said that, where with analog you had the work before and in the darkroom... now it is very much after... in the digital darkroom.
The basics and rules of photography have NOT changed, you still HAVE to know them and learn the skill!!!

thanx for your time and comments, greatly appreciated, M, (*_*)

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