Wednesday, 29 September 2010

ALA-REMBRANDT. Magda, portrait for movie, called "Get Real! Wise Women Speak"

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I was contacted by Joni Steele Kimberlin, Producer, Director, Writer and the maker of this film/documentary,

Get Real! Wise Women Speak,

She wants to incorporate this self-portrait in it as a still!!!
Interviews with interesting and famous, mature ladies, like Actress Jane Fonda, poet Nikki Giovanni, Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell, Editor Susan L. Taylor, Buddhist Nun Tenzin Palmo, Oceanographer Sylvia Earle, Author Marianne Williamson, Nobel Laureates, artists, grandmothers, activists and educators and many more, check it out? Coming out in the year the DVD, I'll keep you posted on that!
How 'wow' is this? I am very honoured to be part of this project.
Ladies over 50… we DO have a voice, we DO have experience and ooohhh soooo much to give and share… however, not taking any nonsense anymore!

I had to rework it, so that is why I re-upload it with the original title: Ala Rembrandt:
Rembrandt van Rijn had a particular light and tone in his wonderful portraits and paintings. Dark backgrounds and warm coloured subjects.
Well, Rembrandt's paintings were never (that) dark; they were plastered with crude varnish by well-meaning conservationist, and however that is how we see them now.
He had a paint-colour named after him, Rembrandt red= orangey red.

Paul and I were experimenting once more with different light settings in the studio, still fascinated after all those years at what light can do, how it is the most important in photography ( well, equal to the often 'neglected' EMOTION'? LOL).
We love challenges; I was dressed in black and chose a black bg.
Although I'm not photogenic and don't often go for self-images, this one, ALA REMBRANDT... well, in those days they preferred a bit more curvaceous ladies, so, fitting? HEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
I am a very smiley person normally but not in portraits and NOT with longer exposures, where the smile becomes too often like a grimace.

Silver umbrella on Goddard light, just using the modelling light. NO FLASH hence the long exposure and 'softness' ( you try and stand still for 20 seconds minimum? (You DO have a heart-beat!!!)
No filters.
May your day be a good one,
Thank you, Magda (*_*)

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