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Willem Vermandere is a famous and much celebrated Belgian Artist.
My friend is a sculptor, singer-songwriter, musician, writer, poet and painter, but also a wonderful philosopher and raconteur.
We always enjoy a get together when we visit the Continent, this time no different!
Here, after a whole animated discussion about why we do what we do, how to do it well etc... here, he had told us the fascinating story of this old ebony clarinet, still in the original, allbeit battered instrument case, he then for a moment disappeared into his own world of melodious sound, eyes closed, see beautiful portrait, full of the emotion, taken by Paul.Indigo : HERE.

We got back to our earlier conversation, about PASSION!!! He talked about visiting different regions, the quarries, the choosing of the rock, stone he wants to work in, wood, metal, he caresses the roughest material as if it was something very precious, well, it is to him!
You have to have PASSION for your medium!
For a photographer we agreed that that should be all about the light!!!
As you can see, his hands are his tools, during the week, he carves, cleaves, chisels, chops and files on his quarry trasures, the granite, marble... all very rough on his hands, then on the week-ends, his hands become the softer tools as he performs as a musician, stroking and playing the delicate instruments, strings and keys...
Combining the two passions is a constant concern to him! Both disciplines so important to him in their own way!
The gorgeous afternoon-light fell onto his hands, that afternoon in his studio...

Such moments are pure magic.

THANX, M, (*_*)

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