Sunday, 15 December 2013


Christmas 2013...

AAAHHH, at last the day arrived to open the 'magic' cupboard again, the ‘Christmas cupboard, it always holds a few surprises of things you just forgot about yet like very much. A wonderful trip of re-discovery, haha. It had gone smoothly, I was pleased.

The tree was up, the whole place filled with the Christmas aromas of pine and orange and cinnamon and candle-wax. Outside the wind was howling and playing with everything lying loose?

I greatly enjoy the silence of night, but on this occasion, I was listening to seasonal music, varied, from bells to music box to angel-singing. Humming along, dreaming of Christmases past, yes the whole family passed the review. Myself as a little girl… my children little again, yeah time does fly.

I was enjoying the moment, relaxing, everything sparkling in the flickering candle-flames and twinkly lights. When suddenly I heard the most almighty booming voice, I sat up, it was outside, I jumped up and looked through the window… and there he stood, Santa, in the snow, on a roof. The bag he was carrying was full and heavy. He was looking up at the sky; I followed his gaze and saw nothing.

I rushed outside, now I could hear what he was hollering: “Ruuudolf, Ruuuuuuudolf”

Oh dear, poor man, I saw the footsteps where he’d been, the chimney… I saw how he had dirtied his beautiful red coat’s white trimming on the soot? I shouted up: “is there anything I can do?”
He turned and almost slipped, looked down and said:
“Yes, that’s very kind of you; I’m in trouble, I had so many mince pies I just could not get through the chimney… So, please, can you call Rudolf with me?”

So there we were, both of us: “Ruuudolf, Ruuuuuuudolf”
We waited, could we hear anything? I looked around; light after light came on, every house lit up. Neighbours came out, soon all were calling: “Ruuudolf, Ruuuuuuudolf”

At last, the sleigh bells in the distance, Rudolf was rushing through the night. He halted next to his master: “Well? Rudolf? What do you have to say for yourself? You know we have much work and not so much time? Hmmmm?”

Rudolf’s nose was redder than ever; he bent over gently and whispered something in Santa’s beard, everybody on tiptoes curious, eyes wide open. Santa started to roar with laughter, his belly shaking.

Before climbing under the warm blanket in the sleigh, he turned and smiled at us: “Thank you for helping me, my dear friends, all is well; in the team there is a new reindeer, a first year youngster, doing his best, only slowed it down a little and in this weather I am not the most patient of men!

Be good and Merry Christmas… HOHOHOOOOOOO” And he was gone.

We looked at each other, shook hands; here we were; people from Africa, Asia, Europe… from all over.
Then shyness overtook again, each returning home, light after light went out, darkness and silence descended in the street. All was back to the usual, each in our homes, doing our thing, living our lives.

I sighed; it had been a good moment.

I sat down again in the warmth, when in front of the fire, I saw a parcel, ooh I was torn, wait until Christmas? Or open it now? I'm also not the most patient, so I tore the colourful outer wrapping… gently unfolded the tissue paper and out came a beautiful angel, smiling kindly holding a heart.
My soul filled with joy, I must be doing something right? I walked over to my tree and put my new treasure in a prominent place.
Hope you enjoyed it? A MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Thanks, M, (*_*)
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