Thursday, 9 January 2014


Everywhere you go, people are pointing ALL kinds of devices at everything. Phones, tablets, big and small cameras.
Do they take the time to 'stand and stare'? Actually enjoy the moment? The view? Well everything IS getting very well documented that's for sure. How many photos are actually seen NOT on a screen? In print? So many questions...
It is great to see people having fun with their 'gadgets'. But I am a thinker... and what happens to all those images? Where-ever I go, people shove their phone under my nose, and start flicking through the hundreds of photos they took of the same subject, whether it is their children, damage on a car or, sigh, the holiday, LOL. You are smiling eh? It happened to you too! You also remained polite? Blurry, dark, too light, skew, oh yes, seen it all eh?
Please, take a moment, think? Do NOT go for the quantity but THE QUALITY, just a brief look on the internet for a few pointers on composition will already help you a long way and give you so much pleasure in the long run!
Have a good day and thanks for your visit, so very much appreciated, Magda, (*_*)
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