Friday, 10 January 2014


That is the person who invested a lot of time, money and effort... with great pleasure and passion? Learned HOW to be a photographer, what it all means! The technical and human ins and outs, learned about light, in studio and in nature, knows about composition. Yes, once you know the rules: THEN you can become 'creative'... and break them!
None of this depends on the size or the price of the camera! A camera is simply a tool. It WILL ALWAYS be the person behind the camera that makes the photo! The minimum requirement is to understand aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length.
And a good photographer can take a good picture with a good camera, but a GREAT photographer can take GREAT pictures even with a phone?
I used to take my camera everywhere with me, not anymore and okay it DOES happen that I see a shot, well I take it with my mind's eye and shrug? I am not a photo-journalist, so if I miss it... I miss it.
There is a time for seeing and enjoying and then a time for the 'passion'.
How do you recognise a proper photographer? No, not necessarily the one with the most gear, gadgets or the heaviest camera-bag, LOL. Many love it, I see it all the time and it makes me smile. It is the consistency, the built-up portfolio, the overall quality of the work.

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