Friday, 2 January 2015


Jane Bown said: "A portrait is not taken but given!"
The trend today, 2015 is: natural and unadulterated and authentic.
The circumstances here, Flanders, the beach, me sitting and staring at the sea, this gent passes behind me, I turn, grab camera and courage, and I'm "given" the portrait... LOL
The proper portrait, too often underestimated (NO, SELFIES DO NOT COUNT), yet it is the perfect recording of our history, forever changing lifestyles, the all important memories...
Cameras only the tools of the trade, note I write 'cameras', no distinction, it is my firm conviction that it is the person using the tools that is responsible for the result.

Like in everything else, there’s ever changing TREND.
You only have to look at the family/school/wedding portrait of 50-20 years ago!!!!!!!!
A dynamic portrait like this one here, would not have been possible, everything was: in studio, set up,neatly 'all-in', best clothes, from a respectable distance.
I like the way it's going, but it's taken some time...

Anybody (hate the question) who asks me: 'and, what do you photograph?' makes me think, my answer would be the BEAUTY in everything?
However I must admit, portraiture may be the most difficult discipline, I find it also the most rewarding!
Make the best of your day, Magda (~.~)

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