Sunday, 5 July 2015


I was thinking the other day, apart from the ‘necessities’ for body and work, what would I not like to miss? And yes, the answer came quickly and yes, it is flowers.

They enhance and enchant me, all my senses, whether they are outside or inside. I experience them such as a great gift, like this ‘Peace Lily’ represents so well, like a hand, a spoon, giving, feeding…

Spathiphyllum, the Peace Lily is not a true lily.

For many centuries flowers are known to play a significant role in human life. They have the power to make man happy and cheerful. On different occasions, individuals make use of different types of flowers to express their emotions and feelings.

Apart from conveying emotions and feelings, flowers are also capable of influencing our moods.

Recently studies have proved that the presence of bright multicoloured flowers can intensify feelings of contentment and can produce joyful emotions.

Spending time in the company of flowers can affect social activities in a constructive way.

Studies have also revealed that flowers also have healing properties. Hence, often beautiful flower arrangements are kept in hospital rooms, so as to reduce the stress and pain intensity among patients.

Also, the Peace Lily is a beautiful plant and one that can improve your indoor air quality by as much as 60 percent. It helps to reduce the levels of mould spores that grow in the home by absorbing those spores through its leaves and them circulating them to the plant’s roots where they are used as food.

In bathrooms, the Peace Lily can help to keep shower tiles and curtains free from mildew and the plant can absorb harmful vapours from alcohol and acetone.

THANX, have a great day, M, (*_*)

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