Monday, 20 July 2015


hello, Paul wrote a blog here:

It started a deluge of debate, to be expected. Some people got passionate about it , others missed the point and started about art etc...
I had a good think after reading all the comments on FB.
And these are my thoughts!

1. The blog is NOT about whether  photography ‘art’ or not!
 Please read what photography all is here;
2. Uploading a blurred/over-sharpened photo makes it a good photo? A photo that comes out of the camera ‘bad’… why try and salvage it by giving it a ‘textured’ layer and presenting it to the world? If you have any self-esteem will you not ONLY bring out your very best?
3. There are many good photographers who are self-taught! I know though that they put a lot of time and effort into learning about camera, light, composition and the rules of photography? I agree these can be broken… in good ways, but only if you DO know them!
4. Upon reading something like this blog, I can’t help but notice how it makes some readers aggressive and scoffing? Is it hitting a raw nerve?  
5. We are simply stating some sad facts that we are confronted with daily. As to telling a few truths… we have both earned our stripes, both in the art and commercial world. And yes we both know what we are talking about. We did NOT make the rules?
6. What I notice, and it is very important? The highest ‘scorers’ are those  most socially active.
7. Is it not elementary in proper photography to have at least your contrast/exposure correct, since we all agree wholeheartedly that it is ALL about the light?
8. Why ‘plastify’ the bimbos  and babies or even  landscapes and flowers? Why add artificial terrible flare in a still-life? Aaah the list is long, I could go on. However, it does NOT make it artistic!
9. Would you not agree, that, it is so much more enjoyable to view a well lit, well composed, well exposed photo?

10.  And last but not least, knowing how sensitive some egos are, I did NOT write this with anybody in mind, so, no need to take it personal? LOL, M (*_*)

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