Monday, 2 April 2007


The Art of finding the right caption.

Title and picture have a symbiotic relationship. A picture alone may fall flat: together, they thrive.
A good caption describes the unseen and draws the eye back to the image. The caption breathes life into the picture by providing context and adding depth. The picture draws attention to the caption, and the caption bridges image and text. The caption helps the reader build a story around the picture. Not every image needs a caption: some are simply decorative others are genuinely self-explanatory. I know that someone said (still a lot of followers!) that a good image should speak for itself, however not everybody is visually literate. Done tests for fun, but more about that later…
I do not like images going 'untitled', personally it's like that person is saying to me... 'don't care'... then why should I?
I hope this won't stir too much controversy!

This is only my personal view and what I have found out over the years is the importance of it. During exhibitions, people mostly hate 'untitled' (it's like the artist couldn't be bothered enough or genuinely didn't have anything to say), they like to know even more about the background, the why, they love anecdotes connected to the photo.

The moment I had this in the viewer, I knew the title: ‘Les passagers de la vie’
Why? Still no idea!
That is mostly how it happens for me, how does it work for you?
We are ALL 'passengers of life', we meander through life... get thrown together with people... on a train, a plain, a ferry, a bus, for a brief journey... never to meet again! It makes me think of a funnel!
Fascinating, it always fascinates me, yes...
I was hunting through town and spotted these two beautiful people passing on a bus, I was out with a film camera and a 'gritty' 400 asa film...

Have a wonderful day and thanx for viewing, Magda (*_*)


Paul Indigo said...

Superb article.

Chris Shepherd said...

Hi Magda,

Just found you thanks to Pauls link. I've now subscribed to your blog so I'm looking forward to lots more interesting articles like this one.

Magda Indigo said...

Hi and thanx Chris, M, (*_*)

Malik said...

We are a "Passengers of Life" ....
this words you wrote are construct a very deep Philosophy! Which is not connected with the Photography only.

patrick dinneen said...

Very good article.
In my photography website/blog that( ) I have edited all my photo titles so that where every single photo has a musical reference as it's title. A large proportion of titles are simply song titles, some are lyrics from songs and some simply band names; whichever fits the songs best and obviously mainly artists/bands that I love.

I wondered if it's a waste of time but I enjoy doing it, the challenge and I smile when I've got a good match.

It's good to know that there's similar minded people out there.