Friday, 4 May 2007



It was late summer, walking towards the entrance of the harbour on the walls, towards the end on the thick parapet, I thought how much this lady enjoyed the warm sun rays stroking her legs. I looked for the right comp and took the photo… as I walked closer I started to realize not all was what it seemed…
She was sobbing.
She had just scattered her mum’s ashes and was watching the waves taking her beloved on an eternal voyage…
Emotional, but not evident, it is clear that that appearances can be quite deceptive and we should be aware of first impression!

As a photographer it is all about the image, as a human being it is only about the person.

I had a tough dilemma here, I was faced with 2 choices, it was a moral decision, to upload or not?
Did I make this story up or not, is the image true or false?

I’d be very interested in your view, so please do not just view, let me know, it means a lot to me. THANX, and have a fine day, Magda, (*_*)

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