Thursday, 10 May 2007



Last w-e we drove to the South of England, to Bournemouth/ Dorset, to meet up with a visiting photographer from Canada. We'd never been there so we were full of anticipation and excitement. A new place to explore, something new in the lens is always good.
But of course, it is a compromise, like ALL 'meets' you want to chat and be together, on the other hand, photography requires all your focus and attention. So either you come home satisfied socially or artistically, it is not easy to combine the two.
We were there for 2 days, and I don't have many images of the first day.
The second day in Poole, next to Bournemouth, it was very smooth, we photographed along the promenade where there was a lot of activity, then we stopped and had a long pub lunch, sitting outside and with good conversation.
An elegant sailing boat called the Overlord came gliding in under ominous skies, turned and eventually moored alongside the quay, the skipper looked like a formidable man who had his crew well in hand, looked determined and kind.
Operation Overlord was the codename for the Allied invasion of northwest Europe, on the beaches of Normandy, which began on June 6, 1944, and ended on August 19, 1944.
it also means: An overlord was a lord having authority over other lords in medieval politics.
He looked the part. It's like a story book... hope you enjoy it.
Have a colourful day and thanx, M, (*_*)

From the top:
1. The Overlord comes gliding in.
2. The skipper and a member of the crew, I've been spotted!
3. They turned around , I captured him against YELLOW;
I drew a line,
I drew a line for you,
Oh what a thing to do,
And it was all yellow.

Excerpt from Yellow by Coldplay.
4. The skipper in his 'oils', roping into the mooring. The maneuver here was to pulling the boat onto its moorings.

5. His portrait in black and white, it seemed so obvious, HEAVE HO; the term heave ho is a call used to coordinate the efforts of several seamen hauling on a line. Please let me know what you prefer and why?


Paul Indigo said...

I like the monochrome version the most, as you really focus on the contrast between his white hair and the other tones in the image. It brings out his character.

On the other hand the image where you use the yellow in th e background has its own strong aesthetic although he is still clearly the subject.

All of the images are lovely.

Silke said...

That was such a superb day for shooting. The heavy overcast gave us such wonderful lighting conditions.
I love how you have told the story of the Overlord and its skipper here.