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There are no secrets in photography; you can find EVERYTHING in books, and now on line, on courses...

First the ‘learning’ process, and yes, I still think it is of the utmost priority and necessity that you know the basics about light and photography, after that it only took me years of experimenting in the studio. That’s where the individuality comes in!

When you start out in the beginning, you hit it with everything you've got, like all things in life, hihi, now it is less and less.

Just one spotlight set up in the position so that the light catches the edges and part of the flower... until I'm happy... a black bg.

A BLACK bg has been a 'signature' for over 10 years now when virtually nobody did that, you can see it all through my pf, good to see so many 'enjoy' it.

Just to EXPLAIN how it came about FOR ME?

It stems from my paintings, one day I did a flower border against the black painted bottom of a house in Flanders (used to be very common), for a client.

I moved the idea on from oils on canvas to soft pastels on black, from there to the studio-photography.

I use cutters and flags to shield and play with the light.

Photography can be a creative Art, a way of life and seeing life. For me, it also very often an urge, when I get that feeling, the embryonic idea, then the need to take it further, a passion seems to take over, I can rationalise everything else (except clients) away, without any sense of guilty responsibility, And everything has to ‘wait’ till I have the desired ‘result’!! Mental and emotional nourishment, great satisfaction or enormous frustration at my inability and shortcomings, I don’t always win!

All I can say is experiment, experiment, experiment... the camera, the lens, the exposure are irrelevant because each subject (in this case a flower), the material, circumstances, light source is different. Make it your own!

Have a wonderful day, filled with love and thanx for your visit, M, (*_*)

Included images:

1. Sensual: the petal of a red tulip, just some edge lighting.

2. I made this photo with a giant slinky.

Another eyeteaser, I really had a lot of fun with it, always the child at heart... thankfully.

I love all the vibrant colours in this funky and temperamental 'model', it is 'alive', misbehaved a lot and got entangled quite a few times, oohh give me children and animals any day, tee hee!
Mind your eyes, don't jiggle this about...

3. Oil and vinegar. Glass is one of the most difficult substances to photograph; my challenge is to use the reflections in a positive manner so that they add to the image.

I love using different oils and vinegars in the kitchen, so over the years these glass beauties have now become part of a collection, the first was the 'ball' cruet in front.

4. The painting where the idea originated from, now almost 20 years ago.

5. This is one in a series for an exhibit; the series was called Secret Garden.
No model was harmed during the making of this image.
These are flowers believe it or not, like little lanterns, about the size of a tennis ball. Very prickly.
I've always loved the reflection on the back.


David Toyne said...

Really interesting articles and written from the heart as always. Like that both you and Paul's articles relate and compliment each other this week.

Ralph said...

Thank you for sending the link! The colourful toy spring is just awesome (and really inspiring)!! Just love it! Thank you, Magda!