Friday, 20 April 2007


A very personal post today.

We met more than 20 years ago, two creatives, wooow, two egos?
I suppose, but not clashing, well, not often!

We never row; we TALK, until it is resolved to satisfaction.

Never go to sleep with unsolved issues or negative feelings. Don’t let anything ‘fester’! Cut to the chase immediately, short pain is better.
Our relationship is based on respect and humour that equals love, AND above all honesty, no lies, it makes life so much more relaxed! Otherwise what a bookkeeping!

We give each other the space and freedom to explore whatever we like doing and are passionate about, mainly photography! There is a healthy 'rivalry' and we do have other interests, music, food, literature, travel and the current state of the world in general, we share a sadness and concern of how people are more and more self-centered and how that encourages loneliness which only leads to more sadness, the depersonalisation, the poverty, the unfair division of wealth, exploitation, it shouldn’t be like this.
Not all is negative, there are many who are trying to change things, make a difference, but it doesn’t ever seem enough…

After all the years, we've not tried to 'change' each other that's why we are still with the same person we originally fell in love with, not someone you wake up next to and think, who is this stranger?

We have learned a lot from each other.

Paul is a man you can trust, who is there when you need him, you can count on him (except when the light is fantastic and he is making a composition! HEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

Here we were in Dublin for the first time; Temple Bar in the center, there was a street sign at this famous pub, which said no parking AT ALL TIMES... I cloned that all out, and made a 'new sign'. We decided on a fun, love theme, but this is us very often, just for the happiness of being together, also the joy of just having captured a good shot... We share so much.

Yes, to me love is an itch you can't scratch!

Dictionaries tend to define love as deep affection or fondness, the concept of love, however, is subject to debate. Some deny the existence of love, calling it a recently invented abstraction. I had ceased to believe in it, thought it was just stuff for songs, books and movies, until I saw Paul, I knew immediately. I still get butterflies when I see him…

Moreover, approximately 13 percent of cultures reportedly have no word for love. Others maintain that love exists but is indefinable; being a quantity which is spiritual, metaphysical, or philosophical in nature.

Love is one of the most common themes in art.

Hope you have a day full of love and thanx for visiting and commenting, good w-e, Magda, (*_*)

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Anonymous said...

This is Beautiful Magda.....One of your very best in my opinion.

Merry Christmas to you both with Lots of Luv,
Suzan xxxooo