Thursday, 26 April 2007


Let me take you on a journey, it only lasted about one hour, but it was a wonderful moment in my life.
So one hour in the life of a photographer?


Let me take you on a journey, it only lasted about one hour, but it was a wonderful moment in my life.
So one hour in the life of a photographer?
On our first free afternoon, we decided to explore the local
harbour of Morro Jable. The ferry to Lanzarote and the other islands leaves from it, for the rest it moors a few yachts, some catamarans, a place for jet skis but best of all the local colourful fishing boats, we were too late to catch them with the people, it was siesta time!
Wandering around, I discovered at the bottom of the rocks the tiniest 'beach', only a sandy corner.
Climbing and jumping down, I saw all the patterns the small lapping sea waves had painted in the sand.
I felt like I had struck gold, this was photography paradise.

The first image, my first sight of the only 'beach' corner, towards the entrance of the harbour and the first basin.

Image 2.
My beach corner.
This is the left side with the rocks going off into the sea. From amongst them in the corner, with a soothing fresh murmuring babble, some clear water was flowing steadily forming an interesting delta.
The sun was pounding down, only tourists and mad photographers are out at this time of day, but no tourists here...
You can use that light if you know what you are doing, take advantage of it.
I was looking at the best way of getting down there, closer to what I wanted to shoot.

Image 3
Sand Water Art.
Once down on the sandy corner, it was like standing in the sea, all the boats on my level. I walked over to the tiny stream, trying to disturb as little as possible.
This always fascinates me, from when I was little I could just sit and watch this for hours, flowing water, making patterns and starry-sparkling in the sun.

Image 4.
Sand Water Art.
I moved on to where the delta had formed, the water flowing in different directions, making more and more patterns, I saw the blue reflection of the sky and all the lovely tones that got created in both sand and water, all I had to be careful of now the whole time was not to have my own shadow in the picture, so I was turning around a lot, also to get the right angle, you know I love to make my comp in camera.

Image 5. David and Goliath.
A swishing sound broke the
midday silence, I looked up from my camera and saw this, in the open harbour alongside the Morro Jable to Las Palmas ferry with Naviera Armas.

Image 6. Sand and water Art.

I again concentrated on what had attracted me most in the first place, the patterns in the sand. One of the first I saw was this one, the waves of exotic black volcanic sand, the basalt (fine-grained due to rapid cooling of lava on the Earth's surface) artfully mixed with the soft, clean sand, that is sometimes golden, blown across from the Sahara.


I stand in wonder... such beauty of Nature so Artful

Image 8.

Softly, As I Leave You...

I had spent 1 happy hour on my sandy triangle, trying not to disturb it.
I left the way I had come and saw my own footprints; they'd be lying there for a brief moment in time to be erased by the clear water, maybe giving impulse to new patterns.

I hope you have enjoyed your time with me on that special place. M (*_*)

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