Thursday, 5 April 2007


In Scarborough, after walking past all the Luna Parks, amusement Casinos, restaurants, ice-cream parlours and Fish and Chip shops, the glittering lights, I came across this derelict building amongst the renovated and glorious wealth of other places like The Pavillion, of another era.
On the barricaded door, this lone piece of graffiti instantly affected me. We had something in common, over the shoulder a piece of equipment to ‘shoot’ with!

Situated at the bottom of the cliff above the beach where kids were playing, eating and drinking treats and sweets.
Our children have too much of what other children have too little of.

A few sad facts:

In the past 20 years, children under 16 have fought in at least 16 wars in 25 countries.

War has claimed the lives of 2 million children in the past decade.

Although international humanitarian and human rights law provide special protection to children, too many of them are caught up in armed conflict.

In the UK 19, 000 children a year attempt suicide - two succeed every day

Nearly 1,000 children under the age of seven provide full-time care for their parents or siblings.
Of the 80,000 young people who run away from home each year, a quarter are under the age of 11.

We are talking about the next generation and the future, our next leaders!

Yes, to stop and think is never bad, it was a moment of sad reflection for me; I called my family, WHAT HAD THEY DONE TODAY?

Have a day full of peace and thanx for your comments, M, (*_*)

Taken on B&W film, scanned from neg and cropped in PS.
I hope you experience the emotion in the image...


maleentjeh said...

Hello Magda, ah wat heerlijk om je blog te lezen. Ben blij dat je beslist hebt om te bloggen - ik 'hoor' je in je teksten.

Deze foto vind ik nog steeds heel emotioneel, en dat is waar het in fotografie om draait, he.


David Toyne said...

I think one of my favourite pictures of you Magda its very chic but has a deeper meaning which is rather appropriate for you.
D x