Friday, 13 April 2007





It is a myth that pure friendship between a man and a woman is impossible.
This is my best friend Peter and we are in our 46th year of friendship!
We celebrate every 5 years with a meal at our favourite Japanese restaurant, just the two of us, well, I do bring Paul a bottle of Sake back…
We have a relationship which includes mutual trust, affection and respect.
We love each other's company, love talking to each other, share a good sense of humour, will disagree on political issues (hihi), consult each other for advice and are always there for each other in times of emotional or other need.
I love him very much and he holds a special place in my life and my heart.
Our friendship is so very precious, I wouldn’t trade it for any wealth!

He became a model so we were able to employ him regularly, he’s now a successful businessman.
He is still my favourite model, so often we’ll ask him to sit for us, trying out, yet again, something new.
Today’s portrait is one of a series I did testing a new black and white film, 50 asa.
It shows you the man, the good- and kindness, the essence.

This is ‘MY FRIEND’: a tribute to a fantastic human being.

Another long-time friend is Yvan, we've known each other since the early sixties.
I knew Ivan from when I was in my earlier teens, had a (secret) crush on him, liked the look of him and his white Jaguar sports car, not a new model, but one of those beautiful older sleek ones, with wood and red leather upholstery.
He didn't know me; I was far too young for him, just a skinny, spindly blond girl.
I found out he washed his car, lovingly, on a Saturday afternoon, strange how I always had to run errands and passed on my bicycle!!!

Much later, at one of his exhibitions, I told him, he was flattered and it became a running joke.
We always remained friends and were fortunate that both our partners also became friends...

I wish you all a ‘friendly’ day, and thanx for visiting, Magda (*_*)


maleentjeh said...

Hallo Magda,

Een mooi artikel over vriendschap en deze foto heb ik altijd fantastisch gevonden. 50 ASA! Gosh, zou ik zo graag eens proberen...

Veel liefs vanuit het warme Vlaanderen,

Silke said...

Hi Magda
The image in itself is quite wonderful. I truly appreciate what you are saying about friendship between men and women too, though it seems that not all the world agrees with us.
Thanks for sharing the photo and the notes (you're a good writer too, my dear!)
Best regards

James said...

It's a cracking image Magda, and I can't help but think back to an article Dave Toyne wrote a while back.

In it he discusses connecting with people whilst taking their portrait, and credits conversations with yourself and Paul about learning to make that connection in order to get the very best image.

The reason I mention that, is because this shot conveys how you both feel about each other in a very visual way. I can't accurately describe how, but it does.

Love it. Hope you're well... ;o)

shivani said...

The read left me remembering few of my own closest friends...nostalgic!..ur writing is so natural and transparent as if we have also met your these friends...god bless u all!..:))