Wednesday, 18 April 2007



About 15 years ago, we photographed a couple on their wedding day at this farm with the horses. We’d spoken to the farmer before, a charming gentleman, lonely after losing his wife, all his passion and life now geared towards the breeding of those magnificent animals.

The Belgian horse is a much-loved gentle giant. This large heavily muscled horse most likely descended from the heavy prehistoric horses and was indispensable as a workhorse in the Middle Ages when this horse was known as the Flanders Horse, now it is known as the Brabant.

During our last trek through Flanders last Summer, we happened to pass the farm, it has a beautiful long drive, I saw activity and gathering all our courage, decided to go in, my heart sank when I saw the sign ‘Veterinary surgeon’ at the entrance, I thought OOHH NOOO, it’s been taken over, I shrugged and drove in.

What a wonderful surprise, the kind man was there, now a proud 91, he recognized me, we were pleased to meet again. We had a very pleasant chat about lots of different interests for quite some time.

“Of course welcome to take as many photographs as we wanted” he said, adding and pointing quickly behind him, this is Igor, the world champion!

… He wiped his runny nose with a white handkerchief and hoarsely muttered… you should have been here a bit sooner; Igor just sired a few mares…

As the gentleman was now visibly getting tired, he took his cane, said a fond farewell and walked towards his home, past the stables, enjoying every step of the way and all he saw.

It had been quality time, a golden moment in life to behold.

Know how to approach people, if they sense your apprehension and shyness or ‘fear’, they’ll react on that, approach them with honest confidence, no airs or graces, do not bring out your camera at once, if you have it with you, put it over your shoulder towards your back.

If they say NO, respect it, converse a bit more, they might just change their mind, if not, move on, better luck next time, an unwilling subject will not make a great image anyway!

Take your time, make them feel at ease, gain their trust, PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE in a photographer!

Most people do not like to be photographed; they feel it as an intrusion, become self-conscious, be sympathetic and understanding, try and turn it into laughter with tenderness.
If you do get permission, keep talking, don't push your camera into their face, try and include them in an image without being obtrusive, it will probably be a more interesting and creative photo anyway, don’t offend someone for not wanting to be photographed, RESPECT it.

I wish you all a superb day and thanx for the visit, M, (*_*)

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maleentjeh said...

Als er een plakaatje 'dierenarts' op de oprit staat, ben ik er vandaag gepasseerd. Stonden prachtige paarden in de weiden! Prachtige foto's van je, zowel van die man als van de paarden.