Friday, 27 April 2007


This is Paul and my motto. Now what we mean by that is, most people will photograph something in the 'obvious' way= with the sun behind them or a gentle sidelight, the rule of thirds well observed!!!
But, like I've said before, you can only start 'breaking' the rules IF and WHEN you know them... so, by doing that, you often take a photo in a way, through comp, or angle or tonal values that is NOT 'normal'= NOT the obvious= beyond the obvious.

Most photographers seem to have some kind of 'headgear', I'm no different, this black number has protected me from snow, rain and sun... and I have protected it from the wind... and flying off into the sea or the great blue-yonder.

I wanted to do a series of portraits with a difference, with strong contrast, BEYOND THE OBVIOUS, there are quite a few things in it that make me very recognizable to people who know me, unmistakably.
It is not just through our faces that we are defined; we have many attributes that give us our identity.

An exercise in lighting, always on the quest of the new and more daring, creative, innovative...
Pushing the limits and boundaries, playing with shapes, lines...
Painting and accentuating with light = PHOTOGRAPHY!

What do you do if you don’t have a model, oohh yes… do it all yourself!
I dressed up, did my hair in this lovely tail and modelled my favourite hat.
Hope you have a lovely day and thanx for your visit, M, (*_*)

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James said...

"Most photographers seem to have some kind of 'headgear'"

You talkin' about me?? ;o)

Good article! :oD