Tuesday, 17 April 2007


I think Art is in the preconception in the brain, the 'seeing' of potential, whether it be in beauty, pain or the mundane.

Without the original idea, what‘s a camera but a box with some glass, an inanimate instrument that can only do what the person holding it wants it to (hihi, or not…).

What’s a piece of canvas, some brushes and some coloured paste without the painter? What’s a piece of wood or marble without the visionary sculptor?

Beethoven’s music would be nothing but lines and dots and crochets on sheets of paper if the instruments had not been there to play out the music since he ‘heard’ it all in his head, or would he not have written the music at all? The chicken or the egg?

We see, hear, make and experience things differently, so many emotions, some feel it… others don't, that's why it is so controversial and subjective!

I prefer to call myself a Creative photographer, looking for the less obvious, different angles but above all, EMOTION that resounds an echo!

But it will always be the ‘brain’ that will be the creator of anything, all the rest are tools to help you materialise it.

So whatever the born with talent, use the chosen tools well, learn all about them and their properties and qualities, the particularities, strength, weaknesses and limitations, quirks and virtues, push everything to its limits, test it, take it on your journey, following your own path. Make the tools help you to achieve the ultimate result of the original idea.

The photo to illustrate this rambling is called:

Great expectations...

I was approached by someone who wanted something 'special'.
For days I was agonizing, wracking my brain!
I invited her around for a chat and a bite to eat, I noticed how, when left by herself or while I was in conversation with someone else, she looked down and hugged her belly.
As I am very much a night person, I was inspired in the middle of the night, suddenly sat up in bed and had the PERFECT image in front of my mind's eye.
I consider pregnancy a very beautiful natural event, but also private, so that's why she's in silhouette.
Everybody who knows her immediately recognizes her profile.
Prepared the studio and lights, with Paul's help, in she came, I gave her one of my Japanese house-kimonos, she took the pose with total ease.
Took a couple of Polaroids, to check the angle of the lights to perfection, then I took THE SHOT, not 2 or 3, no, just the ONE!
Most people say, it's like she is looking into a 'crystal' ball, what will the future bring?
It was a girl as beautiful as her mum and dad.
The tools… studiolights, a white background, a Hasselblad (square neg 6X6 only the sides are cropped.) on a tripod and with a cable release…
Thank you, Magda.


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